July 30, 2014

“word to the wise” wednesday: meredith heron

Meredith Heron Design Spruce Street Living Room

As humans, we don’t need to live in large spaces; we just need to live in thoughtful ones that reflect our lifestyles.

Meredith Heron

Meredith Heron Design Navy White NurseryI’m so lucky to count Meredith Heron as one of my friends, and I loved her insightful commentary on a recent Facebook post … so much so that I wanted to share it here.  Of course, I also adore Meredith’s clean, sophisticated design style.  I especially love her use of color and how layered her designs are.  She often posts sneak peeks on Instagram, so you’ll definitely want to follow her there for lots of eye candy.

Over to you.  If you could choose any home, what size would you chose?

Interior design by, and photos courtesy of, Meredith Heron Design.  Top photo (Meredith’s living room) by Stacey Brandford Photography.  Bottom photo (her adorable son’s nursery) by Stephani Buchman Photography.  Much more gorgeousness on her portfolio page!    


  • Tawna Allred
    Jul. 30, 2014
    800-1000 sq ft!
  • Diane
    Jul. 30, 2014
    Two years ago we down-sized from 3500sf to 2000 sf and while I do miss larger spaces when hosting a party, I feel the 2000 sf is much more livable. At least I do not have rooms to clean that are never used---used or not, they still get dusty. Perfection would probably be 2500sf for the two of us. Interesting and thought provoking question.
  • Kathleen DiPaolo
    Jul. 31, 2014
    Well, I live in a shack- so small rocks! It makes you creative with solutions and design. In my house, I have barn doors because a swing door would take up too much room. Beds? One son has a floating bed so he can do his homework underneath it. I am just prepping them for college;-) xoxo, K
  • Holly
    Aug. 04, 2014
    Meredith is a smart business woman and I always love to see her projects. Completely agree with her quote that you shared as well. We've never lived in a large house (we currently live in an 1800 sq ft house) but I can appreciate living in every single part of our home and utilizing every corner. I do get envious of large walk-in closets but hoping for one of those some day.

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