August 6, 2014

“word to the wise” wednesday: charles james

All creative work begins by doing something with the hands.  Creation is simply a problem and design is the way out.

Charles James

The Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition closes at the Met on Sunday, August 10.

Who wants to take an impromptu trip to the Big Apple with me?

Thank you, Merida, for the reminder!  


  • Lisa Mende
    Aug. 06, 2014
    me, me,me I want to go!!! oxoxox
  • Amanda Kinney
    Aug. 07, 2014
    I saw this amazing exhibit on the Withit NY Design Tour this summer. Wow! It was spectacular. It made me want to attend a grand ball and have a reason to wear something so fabulous. :) It would be worth a last minute trip.
  • Maggie
    Aug. 14, 2014
    I love the gown and the quote! It's very true that design is a hands-on craft. It takes a very clever person with problem-solving skills to create a great design.

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