December 31, 2012

what’s in a year?

I always have mixed feelings about what I should be doing / feeling at the end of a year.

I’ve never been much for reflecting on the past, so, to me, December 31 is kind of “just another day.”  I tend to cross one thing off my list and move on.  I’m not sure if that is good or bad.  But I have realized one thing:  It means I don’t give myself very much credit for what I’ve accomplished.

That’s why I’ve framed this awesome Epicurus quote, created as a downloadable graphic by the extraordinarily talented Mrs. Limestone.  I tend to focus on what I do not have — what I have not yet accomplished — and every time I re-read this quote, I remember that I couldn’t previously have even imagined where I am now!  So in the spirit of appreciating what I do have — what I once only hoped for — I’m going to remind myself … and anyone who is patient enough to read along … of what 2012 held.

I sent these guys to kindergarten.  And I only cried a little bit.  How’d they grow up so fast?  I’m going to get my baby fix over at Sarah’s house.  I also “paid it forward” to other twin and triplet moms by chairing the national convention for mothers of multiples.

I enjoyed — but did not rest during a family trip to Disney World … the first real vacation we’ve had as a family.

And it’s been a great year for Traci Zeller Designs.  From local features in Charlotte Urban Home and Queen City Exclusive to national publicity in Multiplicity magazine, and to industry recognition as the top High Point Market Style Spotter and a speaker on social media, I have a lot to be thankful for.  I also have some fabulous projects that are still under wraps … and I’m on pins and needles as I wait to share them!

But now I’m looking forward to 2013!  What a blessing to have another year filled with family, friends, style, grace and harmony.   That’s my “why” — why I do what I do.  I’ve really enjoyed a few days — albeit oft-interrupted by Wii challenges and Lego building — planning for a fantastic new year, based on who I am and what strengths I share.  For all other creative entrepreneurs out there, I highly recommend the new Day Designer by Whitney English!   I keep my schedule electronically — and plan to continue to do so — but will use this to keep me focused on “the big picture” (easier for me to see on paper) as well as to manage my daily task list.

In fact, I think I’ve found the newest graphic to frame for my desk.  I’m so thankful to be happy, healthy and twirty-something with young children.  Here’s to designing a well-lived 2013!

How will you spend the last day of 2012?

“Next Chapter” graphic via Mobli.  “Do Not Spoil” graphic via Brooklyn Limestone.  Twins photo by Firewife Photography.  Kitchen designed by Traci Zeller Designs; photo by Dustin Peck Photography.  Day Designer available at the Whitney English Etsy store.  “Well-Lived Life” graphic via Whitney English.     


  • Marianne Strong
    Dec. 31, 2012
    Happy New Years Traci! You have so much to be proud of! You deserve all the blessings life brings, hope 2013 is even better! xx, Marianne
  • Karena
    Dec. 31, 2012
    Traci you have accomplished so much this year and I know you have much more in the works. Plus, You live a balanced life with your darling family! Wishing you all the best in the Year ahead! xoxo Karena Art by Karena
  • Tawna Allred
    Dec. 31, 2012
    What a wonderful year! Congrats and here's to another successful/happy one in 2013! Big hug!
  • Sarah
    Dec. 31, 2012
    What a great year!! You accomplished so much! Come get your baby fix any time:)
  • Whitney English
    Dec. 31, 2012
    Oh, Traci, I love your WHY! Thank you for sharing!! xoxo!
  • Lisa Mende Design
    Dec. 31, 2012
    Happy New Year Dear Friend!! Here's to even more successes in 2013!!!
  • StagerLinda
    Dec. 31, 2012
    What a great recap of all of your great accomplishments this year. Congrats! Happy New Year and continued success Traci.
  • Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES)
    Dec. 31, 2012
    Traci - Happy New Year! Wishing you and your beautiful family the very best in 2013! Loretta
  • Fashion-isha
    Dec. 31, 2012
    Happy New Year and thanks for your awesome comment! You are so right, that quote is just perfect. I was recently complaining to my husband about not being able to do something and he said to me, if someone told you this is where you'd be a year ago would you be happy? And I realized how far I've come! Thanks for the reminder! xo Sharon
  • Kelli Ellis
    Jan. 01, 2013
    Great quotes I have saved to my desktop as well! Congrats for all and those adorable boys!! (PS my husband is a twin - We spend a lot of time with his brother and family. They still can't pose for a picture without one of them being silly!) Thank you for Design Camp support :) XOXO, Day 1 of 2013 feels great!! Kelli
  • Donna @ A Designer’s Perspective
    Jan. 01, 2013
    Happy New Year Traci! Hope this new year brings many more blessings and successes than 2012! Donna
  • Kathleen DiPaolo
    Jan. 02, 2013
    Congrats Traci! You have accomplished so much this year! I hope you take a moment to soak it all in!! Happy New Year! xo, Kathleen

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