October 28, 2010

tzi trend review: everything old is new again

Continuing our review of the top trends out of High Point Market …

Everything old is new again!  In other words, vintage – or vintage lookalikes – are hot.  Did you read Lauren’s post about her peanut?  That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about!  Some of the most buzzed-about vendors were the ones who sported a vintage or vintage-inspired aesthetic.  Think patina – whether it’s “actual” patina (perhaps from reclaimed wood) or just a new version of what you might find in an antiques shop.  Take, for example …

Bobo Brickmaker Coffee Table

… this coffee table from Bobo.  It’s the reclaimed wood top that makes it interesting, right?  Wait, have I seen that coffee table somewhere before?  Remember that Bobo makes quite a few of the objects sold by the new Restoration Hardware … so you can find this same table (but without the X-base) sold online.

Or how about this cabinet from GO Home?

GO Home Factory Sideboard Cabinet

The cabinet is a new piece, but – with the hand-rubbed finish (or let’s just call it rusty) – it looks like you found it in an architectural salvage yard.

Halo Styles Metal Leather Chair

This industrial-looking chair from Halo Styles was a huge hit with a certain someone I know!  Doesn’t it remind you of a baseball glove?

Accessories are also a large part of the vintage trend.  There’s Lauren’s peanut, of course … and I just about died over this revolving candy jar at GO Home.

GO Home Revolving Candy Jar

Yum!!  A client of mine (and personal friend) works as a candy distributor.  Don’t you think she needs one for her kitchen?   I’m totally taking my boys to trick-or-treat over at her house!


GO Home also created interesting tablescapes by combining old books and what-appears-to-be-inherited crystal with candles and collected wine corks.


Of course, art often appears to be vintage, whether it is a series of framed maps (here, from Soicher-Marin as displayed in the Hickory Chair showroom) or the black and white prints in the background of my photo at Barclay Butera.

As for me, I agree with the Matters of Style girls – rooms without something “old” often fall flat.  What do you think about vintage-inspired style?  Do you incorporate vintage pieces in your own home?

Photos from Bobo Intriguing Objects, GO Home, Halo Styles (the blog), and moi.


  • amanda
    Oct. 29, 2010
    Too much fun! Is that Lauren in those boots? If so I need to know where she got her bag! Love it. Great post. I just discovered that one of the pieces I purchased from BOBO is now in the restoration catalog! Boo! But it has officially hit mainstream.
  • carol@SofasandSage.com
    Oct. 29, 2010
    Hi Traci, I just came over from Colour Me Happy. I'm happy to have discovered you. I agree that every room should have a little something old, if not something big! I think a sense of history in our spaces make them real and relatable (not really a word, is it?) Old makes me feel comfortable and at ease in a space.
  • Stephanie
    Oct. 30, 2010
    I just came over from Colour Me Happy and I too am glad I found you. I agree with having the old with the new, but also having items that have meaning to you in a room rather than stuffing it with trendy items.
  • Carolyn
    Nov. 06, 2010
    Hi Tracy, I just came over from Colour Me Happy to and how pleased I am. Love your posts. Regards, Carolyn (Australia)

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