October 29, 2010

tzi trend review: saturated colors

Still on the High Point trend review … Make a statement with saturated colors!  In other words, bring on the real color.  What I call the citrus colors – yellow, orange and lime green – were especially popular … but more wishy-washy colors (like pastels) were nowhere to be seen.

What does that mean for you?   Unless you are 100% on board the gray train (and not interested in creating a little contrast) … this year, when it comes to color … go big or go home!   (Hmmm, I know another designer who is board with that motto!)

How about these electric green ottomans at Lee Industries?  I don’t think you could miss those in a crowded room!


Look closely and you’ll even see a bright pink chair hiding behind the lemon yellow ones.



Julian Chichester used raspberry accents to pop against their brown and gray neutrals.  Seriously, how fantastic is that?!?!?!?  I love the Osborne & Little wallpapers they used – the super fun Dulwich Stripe pattern (which I like to call Neapolitan ice cream!) paired with the Palais Chinois pattern (which is more traditional, but shown here in an unexpected color).



I don’t think anyone would call Global Views color-shy, and – as usual – their showroom did not disappoint!   Who doesn’t love enormous globes filled with custom-colored M&Ms?  You know a company is serious about color when they color-coordinate their food to the display!  But let’s not overlook their fantastic products.  How cool is that plate display wall and those orange chairs?

Carolina George in Interhall

Carolina George made its High Point debut – to great acclaim.  As you walked through Interhall, you couldn’t miss the classic, simple pieces in such great colors!  Carolina George furniture is high quality and designed to be extremely functional, meant to use every inch of space to its fullest.

Bungalow 5 Chloe Arm Chair

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the colorfully lacquered furniture over at Bungalow 5 – like the Chloe chair shown above in spring green – but you just might spy a few Bungalow 5 pieces in my on-the-scene videos posted over at the Hickory Furniture Mart blog.

So why is color so intense this year?  As Maria discussed in her monthly newsletter (you do subscribe, right??), this year’s very popular gray may come off a little bit cold if you don’t warm it up with some color.

What colors – if any – will you be adding to your home this year?

Photos from Carolina George, Bungalow 5 and moi.


  • Pamela @ Atmosphere ID
    Oct. 29, 2010
    Love the giant glass balls filled with M&Ms. I might need to add some to kitchen table. Of course, then i run the risk of eating the candy.
  • Emily A. Clark
    Oct. 29, 2010
    Love these images. I am such a color kind of girl! Hope you have a happy Halloween weekend w/ your boys :)
  • Naomi @ Thirteen and South
    Oct. 29, 2010
    Great round up, Traci. Thanks! I'm glad to see this color post. Those green ottomans... wow! I'm kina bummed limed/weathered/gray is still so hot. Why does everyone have to do the same thing? My recipe for a room only features one stunning weathered piece. The rest should be a mix in shiny, clean, and colorful. More than one piece and it just feels like overkill to me....
  • Donna Rodgers
    Oct. 30, 2010
    Hi Traci, This is my first time to visit. I've read several of your posts in the last 20 minutes. I love all the photos and your 'take' on the design elements that seemed to 'stand out' to you while at highpoint. I'm a good friend of Maria's who is hopelessly uneducated or not naturally in tune to color or design trends. So I'm trying to learn all that I can. I have a house full of antiques and a strong country style..but not 'canned' country. I just love texture and old things. I'm not sure where the bright colors are going to fit in to this. But Maria picked some really good colors for the house. So I'm sure I can take it this one step further with some real color for accents. I love the bright colors and fresh feel of this new trend. Your photos are helping me to 'get it' a little better. I will have to add some of these elements to my 'idea book' for future decorating. Great posts on High Point! Thanks, Donna @ Comin' Home
  • Lauren Liess
    Nov. 02, 2010
    love your pics & perspective Traci!! still thinking about what a great time we had!! xoxo
  • anne arnold`
    Nov. 11, 2010
    I just discovered you re Maria's blog. What I see is fabulous. I'm going to follow you and pass it on. I use to do a lot of this but disabilty has other ideas. Big thankyou for sharing your creativity,Anne

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