May 21, 2012

the best products i didn’t style-spot, part iii – julie browning bova for stanford


How fantastic is Julie Browning Bova?  Her collection for Stanford Furniture deserved a “Style Spotter” card on every single piece.  Next time, Julie, I promise!  So here’s a round-up of a few favorites until I can get back there in October.

My super-stylish friend Shay style-spotted the Yonkers Ottoman first … and who can blame her?  I love the equestrian details that are Julie’s signature, and the horse bit here is just so fun.  I use ottomans all. the. time. because they are just so versatile!  An ottoman (or two) is a fantastic substitute for a cocktail table if you have young twins or triplets.  The cushioned edges are much softer on a little head than a wood or glass table.  Remember to choose a durable fabric, though!

When your little ones have graduated from the “intense baby-proofing,” you can repurpose the ottomans in any number of ways — under a bench, paired with a chair, you name it.  The Tac Ottoman is another fabulous choice, and — with nailhead trim — you wouldn’t have to worry about the twinks pulling on the horse bit!

Double your pleasure, double your fun” with the Wildaire Mirror because it’s a “two-fer” … meaning you can use it horizontally or vertically.  I like to joke that my twins were a two-fer at Babies R Us!  

Of course, just designing an incredible furniture collection isn’t enough for Julie — and we are all anxiously awaiting the June 2012 debut of her stationery and gifts line with Boatman Geller.  I’m already a Boatman Geller fan, so this is just a match made in heaven for me!

Do you like equestrian style in your home?

Top photo belongs to moi.  Second photo from Shay’s Pinterest board.  Furniture photos from Stanford Furniture.  Stationery and gifts photos from Julie Browning Bova.   


  • Nancy
    May. 21, 2012
    I LOVE equestrian style. We have 2 horses, so we got into it naturally, but I love the inspiration from Julie BB- gotta take some old "bit's and use them on something ASAP! Thanks! Nancy
  • Annie
    May. 21, 2012
    Beautiful! I am such a sucker for little detailing like that...In fact the new table I just got (and posted about) has cute little claw feet! I didn't take a picture though...bad blogger! I also love stools or ottomans instead of coffee tables, great with kids!
  • Shay Geyer
    May. 26, 2012
    I LOVE Julie! I've known her for a few years now & just adore everything about her. I must say this collection really spoke to me. We ordered the ottomans I pinned for our store & everyone just went crazy for them! Texans genuinely love a nod to anything equestrian :-)

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