September 28, 2013

saturday spotlight: sarah & ruby design studio

It’s time to highlight another amazing company that made Lisa’s and my Traditional Home showhouse room such a success.  What element of our room “stole the spotlight,” according to Traditional Home?

Lisa Mende Traci Zeller Adamsleigh Showhouse SinkThat would be our  “architectural toile” custom wallpaper, designed by Sarah & Ruby Design Studio!   A custom screen, upholstered with matching fabric, allowed us to disguise a dated shower and give the room a “seamless” feel.

Sarah & Ruby Design Studio Custom Architectural Toile AdamsleighIsn’t the architectural toile incredible?  Lisa and I were practically beside ourselves.  The toile is based on the original elevations for Adamsleigh, which are archived at N.C. State University.  What a stroke of luck!  Sarah & Ruby helped us work through several concepts before we settled on this one … which quickly stole our hearts.  The relatively small scale of the pattern kept the walls interesting without overwhelming the tiny — and I mean, tiny — space.

Lisa Mende Traci Zeller Adamsleigh Socks WallpaperBut here’s another Sarah & Ruby creation that you didn’t see in the magazine — the whimsical wallcovering ever-so-humorously christened “the dancing socks.”  Isn’t it fun?  Hamp Adams, the original owner of the home, made his fortune in the textile industry … and it all started by producing two hundred pairs of black socks per day.  I’d say that’s plenty of reason to be grateful for black socks, wouldn’t you?  I feel confident that this tribute would have drawn a smile from Hamp.

Long story short, Lisa and I are beyond grateful to Sarah and Ruby for their talent, patience, and generosity.  They were truly “dream partners.”  I cannot wait to see what comes next for this designing duo, because I am confident we will be hearing a lot more from them!

Interior design by Lisa Mende and Traci Zeller.  Photography by Stacey Van Berkel.   To see more of Sarah & Ruby‘s innovative creations, check out their latest collections and custom designs


  • Andrea Brooks
    Sep. 28, 2013
    I love hearing the stories behind the design and these don't disappoint. Thanks for sharing the closet pic too--I truly enjoyed your and Lisa's "tiny" space most of all!
  • Karen Davis (@markergirlhome)
    Sep. 28, 2013
    Love it!
  • Joann Kandrac
    Sep. 29, 2013
    This was one of my favorite custom elements in your room!!
  • Maria Killam
    Oct. 03, 2013
    It's beautiful! And I love the orange chair and green trim! x Maria
  • pretty pink tulips
    Oct. 05, 2013
    Adore that wallpaper....such an interesting tiny print. Love your monogrammed pop of green. The whole project is stellar!!! Also love pve's illustration. She is beyond talented! xoxo Elizabeth

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