October 5, 2013

saturday spotlight: thibaut

Today, I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to turn the spotlight on Thibaut!  Established in 1886 — seriously, how incredible is that — Thibaut (pronounced TEE-bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm.  Lucky for us designers, Thibaut also makes gorgeous fabrics and recently launched a stellar fine furniture line.

Traci Zeller Lisa Mende Gentleman Dressing Area AdamsleighWhen Lisa Mende and I were designing our room, we had two very tricky spaces to deal with.  Ummmm, who am I kidding?  The entire room was awkward.  But bear with me here.  Our oddly-shaped ceiling would be the center of much attention, thanks to an unbelievable light fixture.  Plus, our gentleman’s closet was actually a short hallway with a more traditional closet on one side and a shelving unit on the other.  We desperately — remember the tight time frame! — needed a wallpaper that could hold its own next to other extraordinary elements, including the architectural toile, yet not overwhelm the teeny room.  

Lisa Mende Traci Zeller Crystal Light Fixture AdamsleighEnter Thibaut’s Henley Plaid in Charcoal.  When I opened up their Menswear Resource collection, it was almost as if the heavens parted and the angels started singing.  No, I am not exaggerating.  Please reference earlier conversation re. tight time frame.  

Lisa Mende Traci Zeller Adamsleigh Dressing Room Shelving UnitBecause Thibaut continually reviews its stock levels to check for unusual inventory demands, the close-knit family-oriented company is able to ship most orders The. Same. Day.  I told you the angels were singing.  Can I tell you how refreshing that is … especially when you are designing a showhouse room??

Lisa Mende Traci Zeller Adamsleigh Shoe ShelvesWhen Lisa and I were one roll short — thanks to a last-minute switcheroo on our part — Thibaut had another roll in our hands the next day.  I could have kissed them.  Actually, given the chance, I still might.  If I see them running away during High Point Market, I’ll know they read my blog.  Ha! 

Thibaut Resort South Seas Sitting AreaI cannot wait to see their newest introductions — the Resort Collection — in person.  Aren’t the patterns fresh and vibrant?

Thibaut Resort Tanzania Sitting AreaAs a teensy teaser, Lisa and I just may have a little something else up our sleeves … and perhaps that will bring some colorful Tanzania into our lives!  I looooooove the new colorways of this classic pattern.

Adamsleigh Shelving Unit BeforeOh, and would you like to see where Lisa and I started with the shelving unit?  “Funky” may just be the only way to describe it.  And then the shelves turned out so chic that I can hardly stand it.  I’ll save the “I don’t care what the @$!&** shelving unit looks like” story for the next time I see you in person.

Thank you, Thibaut, for being such a fabulous resource!  Be sure to check out October’s Traditional Home for more of Thibaut’s beautiful products featured at Adamsleigh … including a beyond-charming room filled with Thibaut by the dashing Madcap Cottage boys.

Adamsleigh interior design by Lisa Mende Design and Traci Zeller Designs; photography by Stacey Van Berkel.  Product photography courtesy of Thibaut.  


  • Lisa Mende Design
    Oct. 05, 2013
    Still cannot believe we found this paper separately and both loved it! How serendipitous is that? Thibaut is such a great resource. We were so lucky to have them as partners! Of course I had the best partner ever in the room...you!
  • Nancy
    Oct. 06, 2013
    So fun to read about your experiences together with this showhouse. Those shelves looked amazing, the light fixture-0h my god gorgeous, and the whole room was really spectacular ladies! Two very talented women! xo Nancy
  • Liz Hughes
    Oct. 09, 2013
    You both did a wonderful job on your space at Adamsleigh. No fair leaving a teaser just hanging out there about what sounds like a future collaboration for the two of you!

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