June 2, 2011

miles to go before I sleep … and a giveaway

Shame on me!  It’s been a month since MoS Charlotte and I hobnobbed with Miles and Oscar … and I haven’t shared a thing.  I’ve been way too preoccupied with other things (you know — work, family, blah, blah, blah), but I promise I’ll make it up to you.

As everyone in the room would attest, listening to Miles Redd speak about design was absolutely captivating!   He was charming, funny, debonair, and occasionally self-deprecating.  As Miles spoke about the inspiration behind his designs, I busily took notes (yes, I was always the teacher’s pet) because so much of what Miles shared is applicable to all design — not just the particular room about which he spoke.  And other parts were just too funny not to share!  To wit …

I was glamour-starved.

Miles joked that his “glamour-starved” childhood in Georgia explains why he chose a (very glamorous) French salon as the inspiration for his own living room.  (Well, that’s something he and I have in common … but ummmm, Miles, you grew up in Atlanta.  I grew up in “the pecan capital of the world.”  Let’s not talk about glamour-starved, shall we?)

I take something and I push it forward.

The ruffle trim on an Oscar de la Renta dress inspired the trim on the drapes in his sister’s living room.  (Oh, to be Miles Redd’s sister!!)  Miles also loves the “juxtaposition of textures” and “organic play of shapes.”Miles often plays something that is curvy — here, the horns on the mantel — off something that is straight — like the lines of the books.  As I like to say, it’s all in the mix … and Miles is a master of “the mix.”

I don’t believe in any sort of rules that are absolute.

The fearlessness with which Miles mixes colors and patterns is a perfect example of how breaking a “rule” can result in an amazing space.

If you get the floors and the walls right, you can add layers as you go.

Isn’t that a brilliant way to think about starting a space … especially if you don’t have the budget to do the whole room at one time?

I’m a big fan of decorating doors.

I always look for the doors in Miles’ designs; it’s such a signature of his work.  Don’t you think doors deserve more attention than they get?  The doors in my house are painted black, and I love them.

It’s so fun in decorating to collaborate with people with strong opinions, [especially] getting a result you wouldn’t have gotten to on your own.

Miles mentioned that he loves chandeliers in the dining room and in entryways, but often finds that the proportions of a living room do not support a chandelier.  He added that he is “not big on sconces” … which, interestingly, I never have been either.  Sconces are the right choice for certain situations, however, and Miles obviously decided to use them here.

If you can give someone the completed picture, they always get it.  When they start to question it is when they get it piecemeal.

As a designer, I found this piece of advice to be especially insightful.  Often clients get nervous if pieces are delivered one at a time … because the design doesn’t make sense until it is all together.  Can’t you imagine the owners of this living room being a bit worried if the only thing they saw was a deep purple sofa?

After Miles finished speaking, we all made our way to a delightful luncheon … where MoS Charlotte and I were especially pleased to have Laura Casey as our tablemate.

And now for how I’m going to make it up to you — I’m giving away the Oscar swag!  You could win Oscar’s new fragrance, Esprit d’Oscar, and an Oscar de la Renta key chain.  Swanky, right?  If you’d like to win, just leave a comment on this post.  I’ll draw a winner on Sunday evening.  Easy enough!

Do you have a favorite interior by Miles Redd?


  • Amanda
    Jun. 02, 2011
    I was wondering when you would give up some more details on this amazing event! Looks like a blast :) Hey you and fringe {bangs} J'adore, xoxo!
  • Luciane at HomeBunch.com
    Jun. 02, 2011
    Wow, I don't know what makes me more excited! I'm loving this post. Great to know you had such a great time, Traci and yes, I want to win an Oscar" from you! ;-) Have a great day, sweetie! xo Luciane at HomeBunch.com
  • Kate {domestikatedlife}
    Jun. 02, 2011
    You look so cute! Love the pink and orange combo!
  • Tawna Allred
    Jun. 02, 2011
    You are so lucky to rub shoulders with all of these people. Thanks for posting these events...if I can't be there in person, it at least gives me a glimpse into some of the great things you've learned. And one day, I'll actually be there (I hope)! Have a lovely day! Tawna
  • Angela N
    Jun. 02, 2011
    Love this pic with the blue lacquer dresser and red mirror. I just spray painted a mirror I had red and I love it! Especially love it with the blue.
  • Marianne {Style For Living}
    Jun. 02, 2011
    I've been waiting for a recap on this! Loved reading about your time with him. The ruffle trim drapes are perfection and now I want some too! How cute are you with your sassy bangs!!! Love them.
  • Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES)
    Jun. 02, 2011
    Traci- “If you get the floors and the walls right, you can add layers as you go.” What a great quote.Oh, how can I convince my husband to paint our vinyl and hardwood floors. I'm answering that question as I typed it - Show him some of Mile's floors!!!! What a great trip and talk! Loretta
  • Carol@sofasandsage
    Jun. 02, 2011
    What a great review! Would have loved to have been there. He certainly is fearless! He's got a great style. I do think I win, however, for style deprivation growing up :). This was a great read. Thank you.
  • Rae
    Jun. 02, 2011
    I know I should be awed by all the lovely decor, but I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE the bangs and fuchsia sweater and bright dress!
  • Laura
    Jun. 02, 2011
    Wow! Jealous you got to meet Miles! What a great experience. Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Talitha
    Jun. 02, 2011
    Sounds like you had a ton of fun, and I only wish (*sigh*) I could get my color-neutral hubby to like color as represented in these beautiful photos! Love the bangs, too!
  • Nancy Allen
    Jun. 02, 2011
    Wonderful post! Maybe my favorite ever. Tonight I'm going to dream that I live in one of the rooms, I just can't decide which one! Thank you so much for showing them to me on a day when I needed the wonderful feelings seeing these rooms has given me. And, yes, your outfit is lovely. Did you deliberately coordinate with MoS Charlotte?
  • Sherri Cassara
    Jun. 03, 2011
    This is such a great post Traci... I am bookmarking it so I can go back and read it slowly. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great weekend! xo Sherri
  • Sarah Gibbs
    Jun. 05, 2011
    What beautiful cushions, I havnt heard of this company so thank you for sharing. my Grandad was also a tailor maybe thats where I get my passion for beautiful furnishings. I love your blog by the way
  • Jadyn
    Jun. 05, 2011
    Love the photos and the takeaways you shared. Very inspiring. Also, I've been thinking about painting my doors black and you just completely sold me on that. Thanks for sharing!
  • the sweet smell of victory
    Jun. 06, 2011
    [...] [...]
  • Sherry Hart
    Jun. 07, 2011
    Too much talent for one person! I love a fun design day with chicks AND food! Almost nothing better...
  • Hannah
    Jun. 15, 2011
    So unbelievably jealous. He is my favorite.
  • maybelline
    Jun. 16, 2011
    i'm so happy to read this post cause i missed that event. a fan of miles redd. love your hair and the colorblocking outfit! :-)

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