October 8, 2012

is it worth it to organize legos?

Do you know how many Legos a set of twin boys can accumulate in a few short years?  The number has to be scary!  This designing mom does not like stepping on them … and I definitely do not like seeing Lego sets half-broken and abandoned.

And when did Lego start making such complicated sets anyway?   What happened to buying a big box of blocks???   That made me curious, so I looked it up.  Hmmmmpppph.  Legos has been making sets since before I was born.  Guess I was too preoccupied with Barbie to notice.  

traci zeller designs

I’m on a mission to make it easier for my twinks to play with their Legos and actually create.  What does this mean?  My boys and I are sorting thousands and thousands of Legos by color.  If you don’t hear from us for a few days, look in the playroom under the piles of Legos and IKEA storage boxes.

It feels like this sometimes! 

Do your twins organize their Legos?  Are you as happy as I am that Legos now come in pink and purple so that “girl moms” can experience the joy of Legos?  I say that with just the slightest hint of sarcasm.  And why are “regular” Legos considered a “boy toy,” anyway??  

“Home Security” photo via Sunflower Faith. Playroom designed by Traci Zeller Designs and photographed by Dustin Peck Photography.  Etsy sign available here.  


  • Kristen Felty
    Oct. 09, 2012
    As a mom of two, almost 9-years old, surviving triplet boys, I know all too well the joy and agony of legos! I think it's totally worth it to sort your legos by color and this has helped fuel the creativity of my boys when they "free build." Unfortunately for me and my need for neatness, they NEVER manage to keep a set assembled. But, their imaginations are at work each time they build something new!
  • Susanne
    Oct. 09, 2012
    I don't feel it necessary to sort my boys Legos by color. Instead, I would sort them by type (if at all): 2x2 nob square, 3x1 nob row, 3x2 nob row rectangle, one nob piece, etc. However, I actually didn't sort them at all! I found a great way to "recycle" my boys' train table by converting it into the "Lego table". The pieces are all stored in one of the large drawers underneath (the other houses their puzzles) and they can build on top the low table while sitting or kneeling on the floor. The drawers are nice and large so that the Legos aren't piled high (even with the great amount of Legos we have amassed) so that they can find the pieces they are looking for fairly easily! You could make the top even cooler by gluing the Lego flat sheets on it! Voila! - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle : )!
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    Oct. 11, 2012
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