September 6, 2012

how to start an art collection

I am so delighted to be back over at Kathryn Greeley’s blog!  Kathryn epitomizes the gracious Southern hostess, and it is such a pleasure to learn from her as I “grow” in my entertaining.  Remember our “virtual” progressive dinner?

Perhaps one day I’ll have a china collection to rival hers!  I know my husband will cringe if he reads this.  I tend to be a minimalist in many things, but it is helpful to have a collection of serving dishes.  If we build climate-controlled storage in our crawl space for his wine collection, I am totally claiming some shelving for china.  Like it or lump it.  

I shared my art collection with Kathryn and her readers, so head over there for my advice on starting an art collection … and a few photos of my favorite pieces!  Kathryn has other fantastic designers and bloggers sharing their collections as well — Tobi shared her oyster plates — so stay a while and maybe you’ll find your next obsession.

What do you collect?


  • pretty pink tulips
    Sep. 06, 2012
    So fun, Traci! I loved meeting Kathryn when she was at her NYC book signing! Love her book. I have several sets of china. Wedding (white with a cobalt blue rim), Spode Woodland for fall, Bernadaud's Happy Holidays for....Christmas (it has nutcrackers surrounding the rim) and a pink and white pattern for girls' gatherings! :) I would love to keep going, but I seem to have something for every season, so I think I'm done for now! xoxo Elizabeth
  • diane
    Sep. 06, 2012
    Loved your art collection, Traci, and how you support young and/or "unknown" artists. While not a true collector, I collect unique wine glasses, mostly hand blown with a pattern, color etc that means something to me. For example, we have a set of five (there are 5 people in our family) with faces drawn on them and we searched for ones that represent our family i.e. my husband's has gray hair and is wearing a tux, one of our daughters is blond with green eyes etc. We love these glasses and are only sad that we annot find more now that we have in-laws in the family. I love to visit a client's house and discover what they collect and why.

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