September 7, 2012

friday’s five minute fix: change the knobs

Isn’t the quickest way to give new life to a tired piece of furniture simply to swap out its knobs?  For that matter, the furniture doesn’t even have to be old or tired.  You can change the entire look of a new piece by changing its knobs!

I bought this bachelor’s chest by Century Furniture a while ago, and it is a perfect fit in my guest room.  But the knobs are a teensy bit too masculine for what I’m doing in there.  Well, no worries … because that’s a five minute fix!

I’m ordering these amaze-balls knobs from Nest Studio.  I am head over heels in love with this new line, and I think the T-02 will provide the special touch that I need.

Better yet, Nest Studio is offering promotional pricing through September 9th — that’s this Sunday, peeps — so order early and save!

Now that’s an easy breezy update that a tired mom can do during the twins’ naptime … and still have time to lie down herself!  You know what they say — sleep while the babies sleep.  If only it worked nearly as well as it sounds.

Do you have a favorite knob in your house?

Photos via Century FurnitureNest Studio, and Zazzle.  


  • Kirsten Krason
    Sep. 07, 2012
    Amazing hardware! And I love that chest you got.
  • diane
    Sep. 07, 2012
    Love that chest and the new knobs as well. Do I have a favorite knob? Silly girl...just take a look at our website to see many of my favorites (secretly, my favorite is the daisy pull)
  • Sarah
    Sep. 07, 2012

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