November 20, 2012

how to be the chic mom on vacation

You know, I really could have titled this post “how to be the chic mom at (fill in the blank).”  Because don’t we all want to be the chic mom … whether it is on vacation, in the carpool line, or at the pediatrician?

My secret to being the chic mom?  Having a uniform!  Fortunately, I don’t mean uniform as in the khaki-white-and-navy-only options (or lack thereof) my twin boys have in kindergarten.   Instead, I mean a go-to, fail-safe outfit that you can pull on in a jiffy (when you forget … ahem … hypothetically forget to set your alarm in the morning) without even thinking about it.

As an interior designer, I consider my outfits critically important to my business — because who wants a frumpy decorator?   I’ve got my “working uniform” pretty close to down pat.   Dress + cardigan + cool shoes = Traci is good to go.  I find the “mom uniform” to be a little tougher!  I don’t do super-casual clothing well — you’ll never find me throwing on a pair of Havianas and a denim skirt — but I need to be comfortable for running around with my twinks.   Of course, these are also the clothes that get the most wear-and-tear — hello, two kiddos pulling on you — so affordable, easy-care pieces are a definite plus.   In the winter, my “mom uniform” building blocks are jeans and flats.  Point being, I’ve got some relatively firm parameters.

I’ve also got a family vacation coming up.   Yep, the twins are heading to Disney World for the very first time … on an unspecified date, just in case there are any crooks lurking.  Moms planning vacations, please revisit my top ten tips to reduce the chances of a home invasion.  And by the looks of my Facebook News Feed, I’m not the only one.  With cooler weather and smaller crowds, November and December must be fabulous months for a pilgrimage to Orlando!

For the good of us all who aspire to be the chic mom — in an amusement park, of all places — I decided to bring in the fashion troops.  Hallelujah that Erica Hanks, super-talented wardrobe stylist and former fashion editor for Queen City Exclusive, answered the call!

Even with my restrictions — affordable, easy care outfits based around jeans and flats — Erica put together these stylish looks perfect for my Disney vacay … and any other carpool morning.

Am I a lucky duck or what?  And you are, too — because if you click on the links, you’ll go straight to Erica’s Polyvore page where you can shop the looks!  Just don’t hold it against me if I am still sporting yoga pants on the occasional (or not-so-occasional) morning run to school.  When Erica’s not busy styling magazine shoots, she can often be found working with prominent apparel companies to create inspired looks for website and catalog photos.  Thank you, Erica, for squeezing me into your busy schedule!

What are your outfit must-haves?


  • Melissa
    Nov. 20, 2012
    Cute!!! As a twin mom myself, you are doing well by wearing a dress, cardigan, and cute shoes! I usually look like I am headed to the gym ::most days:: I am loving those leopard print flats! I just may have to add those to my Christmas list! Thanks-great post! Melissa
  • Fashion-isha
    Nov. 21, 2012
    I love the accessories in the first collage. Great picks! Happy Thanksgiving to you! xo Sharon
  • what are you thankful for?
    Nov. 22, 2012
    [...] [...]

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