September 14, 2011

everybody’s favorite everything – lisa holt

I usually don’t double up on my “everybody’s favorite everything,” but Lisa Holt from NapaStyle is — as in right now — holding a Facebook Q&A about creating indoor and outdoor living spaces that reflect the casual elegance of Napa Valley.  Mmmmmm …. Napa.  Now I’m daydreaming about sunny, relaxed days spent exploring vineyards … and a driver to take us there.  So learn more about Lisa here … and then head over to Facebook to ask away!


Lisa Holt (San Francisco Bay, California)

Flower:  Peonies

Sofa Shape:  Tuxedo Arm with Single Seat Cushion

Stationery:  Anything hand-pressed in Amalfi

Comfort Food:  Roman pizza, eaten in Rome

Lamp:  No favorites; I don’t like most of them

Alarm Clock:  Mine!  It wakes me with the sound of wind chimes

Everyday Dishes:  Simple, sturdy and always white

Color:  Are you kidding? I love them all; color and nuance are my passion …

Coffee Table Book:  Taschen’s Hotel Series

All-Purpose Glass:  Bistro glasses with a great red house wine in them

Soap:  TokyoMilk

Ice Cream:  Nocciola, handmade in Milan or Florence

Towel:  Anything white, in pima cotton

Scented Candle or Room Fragrance:  Relax by Santa Maria Novella

Sheets:  Fili D’oro … plain weave in white, of course!

Cleaning Supply:  Method

Toothpaste:  Tom’s of Maine Orange Mango Gel

Lightbulbs:  Low voltage halogens

Coffee or Tea:  one single, perfect cappucino made with Nespresso coffee and whole milk

Kitchen Gadget:  my Nespresso machine

Workhorse Fabric:  Linen, always.

Pen:  Paper Mate Flair, medium point, black ink only

Artist:  Are you kidding?  Way too many to have just one …

Car Color (Exterior / Interior):  I only drive black with camel interiors.  All black is just trying too hard

Mattress:  Beautyrest.  I actually love the “independent coil suspension”

Bed Pillow:  Anything with some foam, but down-wrapped

Picture Frame:  Antique sterling or caramel Italian leather


I think I notice a theme here!  And doesn’t everything taste better in Italy??

Lisa, thank you so much for participating!  And now I am really hungry for Roman pizza …

Photos from Lisa Holt Design Group, Taschen, Dear Designer’s Blog, and Polyvore.


  • Karena
    Sep. 14, 2011
    Hi Traci, Great interview!! Lisa has terrific taste, I love it all!! xoxo Karena Art by Karena Come and join my Giveaway from the Jose Estevez Collection at Interieurs!
  • designchic
    Sep. 14, 2011
    Love all of Lisa's picks...gorgeous taste!!
  • Tawna Allred
    Sep. 15, 2011
    Someone who isn't a fan of lamps and loves white dishes! That sounds like my life with your series Traci! Have a wonderful day!
  • eddie ross
    Sep. 18, 2011
    The "Taschen's Favourite Hotels" book looks amazing. We will definitely be buying a copy for our coffee table too! Great post! xo E + J

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