March 26, 2017

blushing with beauty

Y’all, there is not much more I’m enjoying more than the blush trend. This pale pinky neutral is absolute perfection! I’ve been rocking it in my wardrobe for a while now, but I haven’t had much opportunity to use it in my design work. Of course, I’ve played with pink often — but blush has a much different vibe. I’m calling it the “new neutral,” because it plays beautifully with just about everything else.

blushing beauties

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I love blush paired with linen because it stays soft — but, paired with navy or deep gray, it takes on an entirely different personality. Hello, striking and dramatic! Oh, and j’adore the yellow you see in both that to-die-for painting and the gorgeous dress. Heck, the only “problem” I see is that blush flatters everyone … and that means Brooke and I sometimes show up at the studio sporting very similar looks. Oops! #greatminds

What more can I say? Bring on the blush!


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