July 30, 2013

tzi before and after: lakefront breakfast room

I often tell people that — while Charlotte, North Carolina may not be a top tourist destination (except for NASCAR fans) — it is a fabulous place to live.  Our proximity to both the mountains and the beach is a top selling point for those who love the outdoors!  The Charlotte area is also home to two stunning lakes, which are beautiful enough to make nearby families feel as though they are on a perpetual vacation.   Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your morning coffee accompanied by this view?

Traci Zeller Designs Lakefront Breakfast RoomI designed this chic and functional breakfast room for a very active and outgoing family who does just that … and a whole lot more.  Of course, they love to spend time on the water, and they wanted a space that could withstand plenty of kids (and adults) in bathing suits coming in and out.  This is the party house!  Their eldest child at home is a popular varsity cheerleader.  Can you imagine how much fun she and her friends have here?  

Traci Zeller Designs Breakfast Room with Indoor-Outdoor FabricsFaux shagreen bench cushions combined with pillows of incredible indoor-outdoor fabrics (chenille!!) make this room as sophisticated as it is durable.  Wondering why the octagon-shaped table has wheels?  Because it is concrete and heavy!   The wheels allow you to easily roll the custom table, so that no one has to do the shimmy behind it.

Breakfast Room BeforeAnd here’s where we started.  They were too busy enjoying their newly built home to pay much attention to the breakfast area, which meant we were starting from scratch.  Bye-bye, folding table borrowed from a conference room at the family business; hello, fabulous!  Lots of happy memories will made around this table.   Nothing makes me more fulfilled than creating warm, welcoming spaces where families can enjoy harmonious lives.

Where do you spend your summer?

Photos for Traci Zeller Designs by Dustin Peck Photography.  


  • Kara
    Jul. 30, 2013
    Nice job! Love it! Great idea with the wheels on the table. :)
  • Dawn Hearn
    Jul. 30, 2013
    What a transformation! Great job! I love seeing how the family can better function and enjoy their new, beautiful home.
  • Patty Day
    Jul. 30, 2013
    Great Before and After! The space is now perfect!
  • Brooke
    Jul. 30, 2013
    Beautiful job, Traci!
  • Fashion-isha
    Jul. 31, 2013
    What a difference! I'd love to have breakfast there! Hope you're having an awesome summer! xo Sharon
  • Wendy Mancino
    Aug. 02, 2013
    Amazing! The breakfast area is inviting, warm, and natural. A lovely focal point!
  • pretty pink tulips
    Aug. 04, 2013
    Hi Traci!! As someone who was lucky enough to call Charlotte home for 5 years...you are so right. It is one of the best places to live in the country...and I've lived in quite a few. What an amazing Before/After. I can tell this home is one that is going to be a magnet for that cute cheerleader, her friends and the entire family!!! Great job!!! xoxo Elizabeth
  • Kate
    Aug. 06, 2013
    Hi Traci! Is that Lake Norman? Beautiful area for sure! Your breakfast nook is gorgeous, I'm so jealous! ;-) Yes, I could easily imagine sipping my morning coffee, reading the paper, and enjoying that gorgeous view! Amazing transformation!

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