July 28, 2013

sunday dreaming: it’s work!

Oooooohhhhh, you mean that — when I have a blog — I’m supposed to actually post things?   Hmmmm.  Interesting.  This is when I wish for a sarcasm font.  

Thank you for your patience as I have been more than a bit sporadic in my posting!   It has been one busy summer, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about you.  Instead, I have been hard at work on all things TZD … plus keeping up with my little buddies … and hopefully you’ll agree that it has been worth it.

No Dream Comes True UntilMy new website and blog are finally live, and I am so grateful to all of those who made that dream come true.  An enormous thanks to my fabulous team at Web Station, Inc. for creating the new site, the amazing Kate at Katelyn Brooke Designs for creating the new blog, and the multi-talented and extraordinarily insightful Whitney English for all things branding and business strategy!  Of course, my family, friends and clients make it all possible, and I am beyond appreciative for their love, support and trust.

Until I have the opportunity to share more, please visit my dear friend Maria Killam’s blog for a chance to win a Traci Zeller Home candle!   I am such a lucky girl to have the support of so many.

Have you gone to work on your dreams?

Graphic via Words on Images. 


  • bruce
    Jul. 28, 2013
    YAY! And congratulations!
  • Lisa Mende Design
    Jul. 28, 2013
    Love the new look especially the top! Looks fab!!!
  • Karena
    Jul. 29, 2013
    Traci Congratulations!! I love your site! It is like a new baby isn't it!? xoxo Karena 2013 Designer Series
  • Erika @ Concept 2 Design
    Jul. 29, 2013
    The new website looks fabulous!!! Congratulations :)
  • Frances Schultz
    Jul. 29, 2013
    The site does look fabulous! Congratulations, Traci! And btw I think all bloggers and readers alike are happy for you to let yourself off the hook every now and then. It gives us permission to do the same!.... Long as you let us know you are okay ;) xox Frances
  • Maria Killam
    Jul. 29, 2013
    Love your new logo and site! xo Maria ps. Do you think I've said enough on my blog "You were the first?" Haha, Well it's true, you'll be forever acknowledged for that!

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