November 16, 2011

the top 5 trends from high point market, fall 2011

I have been such a bad blogger!  High Point Market was awesome as always, and I’ve said scarcely a word.  I had so very much fun with my friends — Jennifer, Stacy, Lauren and Dave, the list just goes on … High Point is like a designer high school reunion! — and, of course, the O. Henry hotel with Marianne was fab.

Unfortunately, my clients and family aren’t on vacation while I am while I research … and I am not exaggerating when I say that it takes loads and loads of time to sift through my endless photos and put together a trend report.  I also like to take some time to mull over everything I saw and cull out the best of the best.  So without further adieu, here’s my quick summary of the top five interior design trends from fall 2011.

It’s All Greek to Me

Bring in the Sunshine

Strut Like a Peacock

Go Big or Go Home

As Good as Gold

Intrigued?  Stay tuned as I share more details and photos, photos, photos.

And you just might be able to find a hint (or two or three or four) in the always amazing Hickory Chair showroom.  The large front room as you enter the Hickory Chair showroom featured Tobi Fairley‘s new fabrics, pillows and lighting … and it was fabulous!   My lame-o iPhone photos can hardly do justice to the space — can you believe I forgot to charge my camera battery? — but fortunately Tobi has Bert VanderVeen‘s fantastic photos on her blog.

Yeah, it’s a good thing I’m not a photographer.  Bert rocks … and I think I’ll stick to my day job!

Top photo (from left to right, Marianne, Jennifer, Stacy and me) by Stacy Naquin.  Second photo by moi.  Remaining photos by Bert VanderVeen.


  • Marianne
    Nov. 16, 2011
    Oh, how I hate that photo of me!!! Love your recap though. xo
  • Holly
    Nov. 16, 2011
    Drooling!! I bet it's tough to sift through everything - my mind would be racing. I see at least three trends on your list in that first photo. I'm also really loving that slipper chair in that last photo. Looking forward to more reports and info on your findings. Have a good day.
  • Tammy@InStitches
    Nov. 16, 2011
    You look so cute ! I can't wait to see the peacock post, I'm working on my peacock inspired family room.
  • Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design
    Nov. 16, 2011
    You DID get just barely. So enjoyed our lunch! hugs
  • diane
    Nov. 16, 2011
    Great that mustard and gray striped chair. We do a monthly post titled "Go BIG or go home" that you might enjoy.
  • Brooke
    Nov. 16, 2011
    Fun post, Traci. Thanks for sharing!
  • Kris
    Nov. 16, 2011
    I absolutely love the grey, white, and yellow color combo in the fabrics. Can't wait to see more pics of your High Point Market favorites! Kris at
  • Edyta
    Nov. 16, 2011
    So fun! Too bad I missed you gals! xo Edyta
  • Maria Killam
    Nov. 16, 2011
    Love the yellow sofa! Look forward to hearing more Traci! xo Maria
  • Jennifer Brouwer
    Nov. 17, 2011
    Fab Post. My first time at highpoint was a drool only experience thanks for the recap all the eye candy was such a blur.... YUM!!
  • Marianne Strong
    Nov. 17, 2011
    I wish I was there!
  • Naomi@Design Manifest
    Nov. 18, 2011
    Loving that x stool and the fabric used on it. Looking forward to more trend reports!! I really do hope to make it next year. (I said that last year to. haha)
  • sherry hart
    Nov. 19, 2011
    Jealous. One day I will take the time to go to market......waiting for more explanation about the trends.....from your perspective.
  • pretty pink tulips
    Nov. 21, 2011
    Looks like a great time - but I'm sure it's loads of work pulling your favorites and organizing everything. Take your time - we're not going anywhere! Happy Thanksgiving!! xx Elizabeth
  • hena tayeb
    Nov. 21, 2011
    I love the color palette
  • Interior Design
    Nov. 22, 2011
    The large lovely mirror is so regal. Simply beautiful. Worthy for the royalty.

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