May 6, 2010

it’s friday; i’m in love – soicher-marin

One of my favorite showrooms to visit during market is always Soicher-Marin – a gallery (and custom framing shop) with an absolutely spectacular collection of art.  The collection – which is all digitally available for clients to view – includes more than 10,000 works, ranging from rare antique prints to photography to original art created exclusively for Soicher-Marin.

Here’s a peek at their High Point showroom …

Soicher Marin Showrom High Point April 2010

My favorites include the six Ribbon Designs Circa 1850 prints (three hanging vertically on the left and three hanging vertically on the right), which are part of the Suzanne Kasler collection

Soicher Marin Showroom 2 High Point April 2010

… and these Designs for Gardens (now available in blue) … which I had adored when I spotted them in green at the Hickory Chair showroom.  Aren’t they fantastic???

Other favorites include the series Fashion Drawings on Powder Blue.  They rather remind me of a Chesley MacLaren!

To view more of the Soicher-Marin collection, visit the Soicher-Marin website or tune into their blog.  I’m actually putting together an order right now, so let me know if you see something you are interested in.

Photos from Soicher-Marin Says.


  • Diana
    May. 07, 2010
    Those are fantastic, indeed! You inspire me so much :) Have a wonderful weekend with your kiddies! Kisses
  • Sarah Devaney-O’Neil
    May. 08, 2010
    Those templates are great. I usually just tape off the space but those are so cheap, can def. be used over and over. Thanks for pointing them out!
  • Ed Marin
    May. 28, 2010
    Traci: thank you so much for the kind words about our company. It's really all about the customer. Designers like yourself is the reason we exist and insist on only the finest.
  • Sheila Zeller
    May. 30, 2010
    Traci: I loved seeing the umbrella in your prep shot for the colour course. That's Vancouver for you...never leave home without your umbrella! When the sun shines Vancouver is gorgeous, and when the rain falls it's, well, 'gray'...and which undertone would that be?

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