July 10, 2012

how to stay chic poolside … twins in tow

Is it just me or is it like a million times harder to be put together and polished when it is 100+ degrees outside … and especially when you are either poolside or (egads) at a water park???     

Puh-leez. It’s so not worse than assembling baby gear.

Oh, and twins come with about nine thousand pieces of gear, so it’s also practically impossible to not look like a pack mule!   Let’s see, when I go to the pool, I’m usually toting sunscreen (spray and stick), shampoo (for showers afterwards), clean clothes for two (no love for the mommy), diaper wipes (because you just never know when you might need a wipe), water blasters (at least two), boogie boards (two), dive torpedoes, goggles, and a variety of other toys.  Then I need to throw in my keys, driver’s license and a credit card, my iPhone, and maybe a magazine or two.

So first things first — if you have twins and you go to the pool, do yourself a favor and buy a Saltwater Canvas “Whale Bag” now.  Trust me, one beach bag that holds everything is better than needing two or three fancy-schmancy bags.  Save those for a vacay with the hubs, preferably somewhere tropical.  The Whale Bags hold up incredibly well, fit just about everything and the kitchen sink, and — because they are made out of mesh — don’t hold water or sand.  Score.

Later this week, I’ll fill you in on my Mommy Musts!  Think fabulous shades and a large hat …

What’s your poolside must-have?

Photos via someecards and Saltwater Canvas


  • Nancy
    Jul. 10, 2012
    I feel for you Traci, but I know you make it look chic, cause you are! Good luck with toting all the shizz around at the pool. Youre a good mom! Nancy Powellbrowerhome.com
  • Amanda Hill
    Jul. 10, 2012
    Love this tip with any kids! Must buy!
  • Caroline Simas
    Jul. 10, 2012
    Hi Traci! I was shopping on Joss and Main and saw your event and great write up....congrats on your fabulous joss and main feature! Blessings, Caroline Simas
  • Lisa Mende
    Jul. 10, 2012
    Ok, girlfriend! I know you've got it all together! Share the knowledge!
  • Rae
    Jul. 11, 2012
    The Most Chic Poolside Trick is well-guarded skin--highly undervalued by many American women. A hat and shades add aesthetic value to skin protection, but nothing beats using a broad spectrum sunscreen and reapplying it quite regularly to yourself and your babies. Second to that is a suit that fits. Everything But Water is a nice option, but I've found nothing tops Freya suits (www.freyalingerie.com). You can purchase via your bra size and if The Girls are supported, you will (as with purchasing a well-made and correct bra size) be amazed at how slimming the effect is. Finally, matching tops and bottoms (if you wear two-piece suits) is O U T. Feel free to get the best-fitting top (I like the Sunset halter style top from EBW--again, generic bra sizes, but still covers and supports AND looks terrific) and then go purchase the best fitting bottom elsewhere. (And have fun with the colors: a solid top and a print bottom, so fun!) I am dying to get the high-waisted retro bottom from Peter Som. So stylish, classy, and hides that sacrificial tummy most of us mommies have. Looking forward to the upcoming post, Traci.
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  • Katharine
    Jul. 17, 2012
    We just got back from the beach and I am DEFINITELY getting one of these bags!!!

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