April 3, 2012

how to design an outdoor living space

Doesn’t this glorious spring weather make you want to sit outside … all the time?  Ummmm, well, at least once the Allegra has fully taken effect.  

Here’s my view from one of the chairs on the back patio.  Investing in our outdoor space several years ago made a huge difference in my quality of life — because it meant Mommy could sit comfortably outside and supervise crazy twins “driving” Bubble Mowers.

Today’s adventure was dying Easter eggs … and I was happy as a clam to (a) sit down for a minute and (b) keep the mess outside.  When they splashed dye on the stone patio, I took the hose and washed it off.   You have to love that.  

What’s my best advice for designing an outdoor living space?   I’m co-hosting a Twitter chat tonight — Tuesday, March 3 — at 9 pm (Eastern Time) and we’ll talk all about that very subject.  Just use the hashtag #TCSChat to follow along!

A big thanks to The Company Store for asking me to participate … and a little birdie tells me they just might offer a promo code and have a giveaway during the chat.  Woot!  The Company Store has long been a go-to source of mine for down blankets, but now I’m thinking some of their outdoor pillows might be quite the thing for a spring spruce-up.  I’m already delighted to see (what I think is) the first sign of a peony!

Are you happy with your outdoor space?


  • Andrea Brooks
    Apr. 03, 2012
    An outdoor living space is next on our list of home projects. We have a wonderful shaded backyard that is begging for a a place to sit and relax with a beverage of choice! And just maybe a place to dye Easter eggs!! Thanks for the inspiration, Andrea
  • pretty pink tulips
    Apr. 03, 2012
    I'm "working" on my outdoor space. I had a patio that I literally hated! It was probably a good idea when it was put in, but there was 3+ feet of dirt within the patio that needed to be planted to be pretty. There was also a dogwood planted within the patio. What it did was restrict my useable space. So, as part of our reno....we redid and enlarged the patio. I'm waiting until the house is painted (starting today) to really go to town with pots full of flowers, etc...This year's budget means no new furniture, but I've got my eye on some things for next Spring. So excited about your chat! xoxo elizabeth
  • Marianne
    Apr. 03, 2012
    You have no idea how much I wish we had 'glorious' spring weather. All we have here is rain, rain, and more rain. The weather forecast said the other day we have not had a day above 70 since September!!! Insane. Ready to check myself into a psych ward! Perhaps it's time for me to move south! I do love a good outdoor area and yours is so lovely. I would spend hours out there on beautiful days! xo
  • Marianne
    Apr. 03, 2012
    P.S. You know I adore peonies! Mine are just little stubs barely coming out of the ground. Will be sure to check my Whole Foods soon for those gorgeous NC peonies! :)
  • Mckae @ kaes corner design
    Apr. 04, 2012
    These are beautiful! We are going to be taking on the task of tackling our black yard soon and I don't even know where to begin! I'm excited to have it all done though that's for sure!
  • Holly
    Apr. 04, 2012
    Darn, I missed the Twitter chat - that would have had some great information. We haven't done a ton to our outdoor space. I always struggle with investing too much because we're going to be moving in the near future. It works for us now but I'd love to get some nice furniture and a chaise.
  • Tom
    Apr. 04, 2012
    I especially like that first picture. Very quiet and peaceful.

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