September 19, 2011

how to create a healthy home … beautifully

I’ve been an avid recycler for years … but — when my twin boys arrived — the concept of being environmentally conscious took on an entirely new meaning.  After all, I now had children to be concerned with … and this is the earth that they will inherit when I am gone.  Of course, there’s also the concern about toxins and other potentially carcinogenic substances.  As parents, our instinct is to protect our children, and the last thing we would ever do is intentionally expose them to something that could be harmful.

So how does my concern for the environment and the health of my children interact with design?  Beautifully, it turns out!   It hasn’t always been this way, but today, there are so many ways that I — as a designer — can choose products that are beautiful and eco-friendly … especially during an extensive renovation or new construction.  One great example is Fireclay Tile’s Debris Series.  The Debris Series contains over 60% recycled materials, is manufactured in the United States using locally sourced material and is available in 112 glaze colors.  I recently got some samples for a green renovation that I’ve been working on, and the depth and richness of the glaze colors is breathtaking.

Interested?  I’m over at Queen City Exclusive writing about local sources for eco-friendly home products … and I promise they are every bit as beautiful as the conventional options.  Best of all, this isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition.  You’d probably call me a light shade of green … maybe celadon or celery. But every little bit counts … so when you find something that you love that just happens to be eco-friendly … isn’t that the best result of all?  Click here to read the article.

Have you incorporated green products into your home?


  • amanda burdge
    Sep. 21, 2011
    Holy heavens I love the color of the green subways....then mix it with warm woods, and black paint-yum!
  • designchic
    Sep. 21, 2011
    So beautiful...heading over to Queen City Exclusive.

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