December 14, 2012

friday’s five minute fix: it’s in a book

You know when sometimes you just need “something” — and you aren’t quite sure what?  The best way for me to get “un-stuck” is to leaf through a favorite design book … and actually read the text.  Egads!  Am I the only one who reads design books??  Of course, I am always inspired by websites like iVillage, Pinterest and Houzz.  But sometimes there’s no substitute for holding a hard-cover book in your hand, appreciating — on paper — each part of a glossy interiors image, and learning, in the words of the designer, the “why” (or the “why not?”) behind the room.

Susanna Salk sent me a copy of Room for Children quite some time ago, and it has been a delight to refer back to such wonderful rooms — all designed with the needs of their little occupants in mind but as stylishly as stylish can be.  There are so many ways that a home can be chic and practical, and, in my design practice, I love bringing sophisticated functionality to every room.  After all, children live in the entire house, not just in their bedrooms and play areas!  Having twins or triplets = lots and lots of baby gear.  And hello, Susanna and I are both “boy moms.”  Can you say “outnumbered”?  In my house — and undoubtedly in hers — it has to work as well as it looks good.

So the next time you are wondering “what to do about ________” in your home, pick up a design book!  Or do what I do and use the Amazon iPhone app and One-Click ordering to buy a new one … all while sitting in the carpool line.  Yes, I have a problem.  The first step is admitting it, right?   Those five minutes you spend — either ordering, flipping through or reading — just might give you the solution to an issue you’ve been noodling over.

Do you have a favorite design book?  And have you met the author?

Photos by Dustin Peck Photography for traci zeller designs.


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