July 6, 2012

friday’s five minute fix: invest in fiber sealing

Today’s five minute fix is even better than usual (if I do say so myself).  Can you guess why?  Because this trick doesn’t even use your five minutes.  “Woo to the hoo” is about all I can say about that … because it’s hard to find two minutes with twins out of camp and underfoot!

traci zeller designs

I love, love, love the wonder that is fiber sealing.  What do I mean by fiber sealing?  Basically, a professional comes into your home and treats your existing soft surfaces — upholstery, rugs, pillows and even draperies, if you’d like (although I usually don’t bother with those) — with a special fabric protectorant.   The protectorant keeps furniture cleaner longer by making stains and spills easier to remove.  Why am I comfortable having a cream rug and linen chairs in my living room?  Because they’ve been fiber-sealed!

Of course, some manufacturers offer fantastic stain treatments (and corresponding warranties) on their products before the furniture is even delivered — and, if that is the case, it may be worth the investment many times over!  But if that isn’t available?  I fiber-seal practically everything that comes into my house before it is touched.  Seriously.   And I wholeheartedly recommend that my clients do the same.

When my new rug arrived, I wouldn’t let the kiddos wear their shoes on it until Mr. Alan had come.  I mean, here they are worm hunting with their cousins.  There’s no telling what’s on those shoes!  That night in Twin A’s prayers, he thanked God for Mr. Alan because now they could wear their shoes on the rug.  Oh, to be the child of a designer.  Of course, he has also prayed for Mr. Frank at the paint store, so we share the love in our house!    

Wondering how to find a fiber sealing service in your town?  Other than the obvious (Google), I would suggest asking a high-end furniture store for a recommendation.  Fiber-Seal is one provider that has locations across the country.

How do you protect against stains?

Top photo by Dustin Peck Photography.  


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  • Jennifer
    Jul. 06, 2012
    Traci, This is a great tip for EVERYONE!!! Thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely be giving them a call. xxoo Jennifer
  • Holly
    Jul. 08, 2012
    Yes, this is a great tip especially for people with children, grandchildren, pets - I have to keep this in mind. Especially when I'm trying to convince the hubster about the white slip-covered sofa that I'd like to get. Hope you had a good weekend!
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