March 2, 2012

friday’s five minute fix: create a centerpiece

The absolute easiest thing you can do to improve a space is add “life” to it.   That’s why — with respect to styling a room for a magazineEddie said, “when in doubt, add a kid or a dog!”  Of course, my twin boys and my little dog — Coco, a very high-maintenance Maltese — add plenty of life to my house … at all hours of the day … but that doesn’t completely make up for the lack of a centerpiece.  Enter today’s five minute fix.

Fresh flowers are wonderful, of course, and I am absolutely addicted to picking up a reasonably priced bouquet at Costco.  But anything too complicated is unfortunately beyond my skill level — I wish Eddie and Jaithan were my neighbors!  Wouldn’t you just love to watch him create this gorgeous bouquet? — or I just don’t have the time.  And that is exactly when I hit the bulk fruit aisle.  It’s easy enough to float Granny Smith apples in a cylinder, store Red Delicious apples or baby artichokes in a trifle bowl, add lemons to a wire cage, or stash limes in an apothecary jar.

Moss balls are another great option and they’ll last even longer than the fruit … although I must admit that my apple centerpieces start to look a little puny when I include them in school lunches. These moss balls are faux, but I’ve been really happy with preserved ones that I bought from an Etsy seller.

Inexpensive glass cylinders and apothecary jars are available just about everywhere — Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods and more.  Slightly pricier versions can be found at Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.  What matters to me is finding a mix of sizes and shapes!  And I adore the Pampered Chef trifle bowl for its versatility and ease of storage.

The Georgetown bowl from Tiffany & Co. was a favorite wedding gift — and probably one of the most used, too!  Actually, it’s sitting in the middle of my breakfast room table with a bowl of lemons right now.

What’s on your table?

Spring floral arrangement by the incomparable Eddie Ross.  Moss balls from The Garden Gates.  Trifle bowl from Pampered Chef.  Georgetown bowl from Tiffany & Co.


  • Sheila @ SZInteriors
    Mar. 03, 2012
    This is a great 'Five Mix Fix', Traci! Thanks :-)
  • Holly
    Mar. 04, 2012
    I picked up the three various sized glass cylinders at IKEA a while ago and they've been great. I have the smallest of the three on my table right now (right in front of me as I type) with some fake artichokes. I can't wait to fill it with some fresh seasonal fruit. And in the checkout line at WholeFoods yesterday the woman said they had buy 1 get 1 free on tulips on Friday - I can't believe I didn't know that or I would have had beautiful tulips.
  • The Vintique Object
    Mar. 05, 2012
    This post brought a big smile to my face. I bet you know why! Camille
  • Sarah
    Mar. 05, 2012
    Pretty!!! I have the Tiffany bamboo bowl of oranges now!
  • designchic
    Mar. 05, 2012
    What beautiful ideas. Love the lemons in the wire basket and the cute limes are wonderful, but my favorite are your moss balls...fabulous!!
  • Annie
    Mar. 05, 2012
    I love displaying things that are practical and beautiful! Also, since we have had fruit displayed, the kids have been asking for it more often! Bonus!
  • Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES)
    Mar. 06, 2012
    Traci- On my table are Legos! (They last a really long time, too!) Ha ha! Loretta

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