September 6, 2013

friday’s five minute fix: color me happy

I am waaaaaay overdue in reminding you about the latest issue of Multiplicity!  Multiplicity is the must-have magazine for all mothers of multiples, and — a year and a half after its launch — the magazine just gets better and better.  This issue is packed with timely and important topics, such as “texting and your twin tweens” and “are you ready for the birds and the bees?”   The answer to the latter?  No, no, I am not ready to discuss that!

Multiplicity Summer 2013 CoverOf course, there’s also plenty of fun stuff — “fashion finds,” “plan your family photos on Pinterest,” and “how to raise a music snob.”   If kindie rock counts as a music snob, I’m all in.  Ha!    

Multiplicity Summer 2013 ArticleI also share my favorite, inexpensive sources for the ubiquitous-because-it-works “pop of color.”

Etsy LongestThread Turkish TowelsHere’s one … but you’ll have to read the magazine — it’s totally free online — for the others!

Find Multiplicity magazine here.  Turkish towels available at, and photo via, Longest Thread.  For fabulous advice on all things color, subscribe to Colour Me Happy!   


  • pve
    Sep. 06, 2013
    Traci, If only I had this magazine while my twins were little. It does get easier, but everything has a phase~ Love those turkish towels.... happy weekend. pve
  • Maria Killam
    Sep. 07, 2013
    Thanks for the plug Traci :) xoxo

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