April 13, 2012

friday’s five minute fix: add color to bookcases

T.G.I.F.  — and boy do I really mean that this weekend!  Tuesday marked my twinks’ return to preschool from spring break, my babysitter’s return from a two-week vacation … and maybe, just maybe, my return to sanity some semblance of a normal routine.  I did manage to get at least one thing done — acquiring these.

So what do you think I’m going to do with them?   I’ll give you a hint … and another … and another.

Isn’t that an easy breezy way to add spunk to your bookshelves?   I love built-in bookshelves for their great look and incredible storage capacity … but I also loathe when those same bookshelves span a huge expanse of wall and are plunked full of stuff without any rhyme or reason.  Perhaps the only thing those (hypothetical) sorry bookshelves need is a jolt of color!   Using monochromatic books or magazines — here, yellow-spined National Geographic magazines — adds visual consistency and balances otherwise disparate objects.

And gracious, they are even fascinating to flip through!  Perhaps if I would have had a spare National Geographic on hand, I wouldn’t have had to send Twin A to preschool with the latest Wine Spectator out of which he was supposed to cut photos of living and non-living things.  Sigh.  I thought that — under the circumstances — it was a better choice than Elle Decor.  See, this is multi-functional design at its finest:  styled bookshelves and handy for school projects!  After all, a twin mom has to be resourceful.

Anyhoo, today’s five minute fix couldn’t be simpler:  Add colorful books or magazines to your bookshelves and watch your room take on an entirely different personality!  National Geographic magazines are an easy choice — and readily available in thrift stores or on Craig’s List for not much money — but you can choose anything that complements the space.

What’s on your bookshelves?

Top photo by moi.  


  • Heather Blue Harkovich
    Apr. 13, 2012
    What a creative, and afforable, solution! There is something so restful about the consistency of color and pattern versus random decor displayed on shelves! Hope all is well with the twins and they are getting back to their routine :).
  • Tiffany Burgess
    Apr. 13, 2012
    What a great idea! I love this pop of color.
  • carol jane
    Apr. 13, 2012
    Sorry. Way toooooo much clutter of magazines. Do not like.
  • Sarah
    Apr. 14, 2012
    Great idea!!!
  • Kate {domestikatedlife}
    Apr. 15, 2012
    Such a cute idea!
  • Marianne
    Apr. 16, 2012
    I wish I had saved my step father's collection of NG. I don't keep too many magazines after I've read them. I've usually torn the pages out of the images I want. I'd have to rent a storage unit it I kept them all! Not going to happen! Ha. Also, loved your feature on Tobi's blog. Left a comment for you over there.

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