March 28, 2011

everybody’s favorite everything – amanda hill

Who else has the Monday blues?  After a gloomy weekend that started with a trip to the ER (1 spinning boy + 1 Baker iron tripod table with marble top = 9 stitches) (it’s the new math) and ended with a day spent on paperwork (bookkeeping! taxes!), I really needed my large Coke to get going this morning!

Regardless, this week is getting off to a great start with a delightful “everybody’s favorite everything” list from Amanda Hill.  Amanda is the super savvy author of the {RE}cycled consign and design blog … as well as the owner/designer of the store of the same name in Cedar City, Utah.  Amanda has an incredible gift for working with vintage items and turning them into amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Of course, she’s incredibly stylish and so sweet to boot.  As my injured little boy would say, I totally need to visit her store. Ski business trip to Utah, anyone? Let’s check out Amanda’s favorites … to tide us over until we can plan our little western vacay, shall we?

Flower:  Dahlias
Lamp:  Vintage, found at a consignment store like mine
Everyday Dishes:  Thomas Paul for Target
Color:  All shades of gray, gold accents
Cleaning Supply:  Caldrea (favorite scent is sandalwood riceflower)
Vacuum:  Kirby Diamond Edition
Light Bulb:  Would like to try the pink kind
Tea:  Chai with extra cinnamon
Kitchen Gadget:  Panini Maker
Car Color:  White gold with grey leather
Wallpaper:  I couldn’t pick just one … I want to wallpaper my whole life 🙂

Artist:  Leigh Viner
Picture Frame:  Always drawn to brushed gold metal frames
Comfort Food:  Fresh baked pies
Ice Cream:  Real vanilla bean with fresh olive oil and sea salt … don’t knock it ’til you try it!
Candle:  Currently loving a new line I am carrying in the store called “the library.”  It’s named after old authors like “Mark Twain,” which is a sandlewood and gardenia scent. Dreamy!
Stationary:  Anything letterpress


To me, the best part of these lists are when you find new favorites of your own … and I think Leigh Viner just might be a new favorite of mine!  Oh, and that ice cream sounds delicious.  Really, isn’t anything better with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt?   And exactly where does one find that flavor?

Amanda, thank you so much for participating.  Can’t wait to see you soon at Blogfest 2011!

Photo from Leigh Viner.


  • Amanda
    Mar. 28, 2011
    This was so much fun! You have such creative ideas for blogging...I had the olive oil and sea salt for the first time in San Fran, but have made it at home with and ice-cream maker! The trick is amazing olive kids love it!
  • Sherri Cassara
    Mar. 28, 2011
    I LOVE reading people's favorites! It is always my "favorite" page of a magazine ;) OUCH for your little son ... yikes! And no fun for his mommy! Never a dull moment with kids, right? And twin boys ... Ah! Now I see why you liked my twin boy shower post! Thanks for your comments. Sure hope your week gets better!! xo Sherri
  • Amy Vermillion- Martineau Vermillion Interior Design
    Mar. 29, 2011
    Hi Traci, Ugh on the ER visit! Hope all is well. I didn't even need an ER visit to have the Monday blues…Charlotte needs a sunny day. I enjoyed Amanda's post! Amy
  • autumn
    Mar. 29, 2011
    boys can be so rambunctious! we made it through 10 years of parenting, but only 5 years into our only son's life before he needed stitches! thank goodness the stitches were just above his hairline, and only visible when his hair is super short! thanks for featuring amanda! i loved reading all about her favorites...and i am VERY intrigued by the vanilla ice cream with olive oil and salt! i will have to try that out SOON.
  • Chassity {Look Linger Love}
    Mar. 29, 2011
    I want to wallpaper my whole life too :) Great post, super fun series.

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