March 29, 2011

let’s talk sheets

I’m loving my “everybody’s favorite everything” series!  It’s so fun to see what my fellow designers and bloggers love, and I am quickly finding new favorites of my own.  I have been especially interested in everyone’s choice of sheets, however, because this is an area that I’ve been thinking about lately.  I love to sleep (perhaps because I don’t do it as much as I’d like!), so having a lovely, inviting bed is important to me.  So let’s talk sheets!

My long-time favorite has been Land’s End 400-count No Iron Supima Sateen Sheet Set.  They feel amazing … and they look great straight out of the dryer.  Since the last time I ordered, Land’s End added a 600-count No Iron Ultimate Supima Sheet Set … so I might have to try those the next time I order.  One reviewer commented that the 600-count sheets are crisper than the 400-count, which I take to mean that they feel more like a cotton percale than a sateen.  But that could be a nice change!  Perhaps the best part about the Land’s End sheets is the price – right around $200 for a king-sized set, including monogramming.  (Because we all know I love a monogram.)

As a “feel better” treat, I purchased a set of Peacock Alley pillowcases after my house was burglarized.  (The crooks stole my pillowcase presumably to carry away my jewelry.  And I thought they only did that in the movies!)  The pillowcases are fantastic, for sure … but I have to iron them after taking them out of the dryer.  It’s not a quick run-over either; I really have to press them.  I suppose I could leave them as-is, but I just don’t care for the wrinkles.  So even though the pillowcases are great, I’m not going to buy a set of sheets … because (just keeping it real) there is no way I am going to iron my sheets.

Am I crazy?  Do you iron your sheets?  I think I actually iron more than most – and I love my Jiffy Steamer – but, for me, sheets are just way too time-consuming … and awkward.  I am tempted to try Marianne’s favorite, the Restoration Hardware Italian Hotel sheet set, now that I see they come with an easy-care finish.  Laura’s favorite, the 700-thread count from The Company Store, are on sale for an unbelievable price ($123 for a king set!) and they sound fantastic, but – any time it doesn’t say “easy care” or “no iron” – I’m nervous about wrinkling.

What sheets are your favorites … and why?

Updated 3/30: Laura says her sheets don’t wrinkle.  Score!

Photo from Land’s End.


  • Lindsay Wilson
    Mar. 30, 2011
    Hands down most comfy sheets I own are Pure Beech sateen sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond. Made from organic materials and are just awesome! These too feel more like cotton than the typical sateen. They are around $80-$100 a set. Makes me want to crawl back into bed now!
  • Laura Casey Interiors
    Mar. 30, 2011
    Thanks for the heads up on the sale! They don't wrinkle :)
  • Camila
    Mar. 30, 2011
    Ok have nothing to add about sheets, but I need to comment. How cute is the little leave a note table to comment! I love tiny details and that is one of my favorites. Are you going to High Point? Email me if you are so we can get together.
  • Tawna
    Mar. 30, 2011
    Ironing sheets is definately not on the "to-do" list! In fact, ironing in general isn't (for me)...if I can get it out of the dryer fast enough, that's good enough, so thanks for the low-maintenance links! I will definately be checking them out.... Have a great day, Tawna
  • sherry hart
    Mar. 31, 2011
    I HATE wrinkly sheets also. I have some bamboo ones from Homesource and I love them. have to get them out of the dryer the minute they are dry or wrinkle city. I will check out the other brands you mentioned.
  • Marianne {Style For Living}
    Mar. 31, 2011
    I love crisp white cotton percale sheets. My trick is that I only iron the pillow cases and about one foot of the top sheet, which is all that shows anyway. I did not know that Restoration Hardware makes them in an easy-care finish. Something to look into if they feel the exact same way. If they have the slightest touch of the silky/slimey factor, I'm out. xo
  • Amy Vermillion- Martineau Vermillion Interior Design
    Mar. 31, 2011
    My favs are De Medici 600 thread count Roma Luxe in Ecru. LOVE, LOVE. And they don't wrinkle but they aren't pristine unless you iron them. That being said, I never iron them. I specify for my clients too.
  • Laura
    Mar. 31, 2011
    Just like you- I love sheets. My favorite has to be Ralph Lauren- they do wrinkle but I've had a set of his sheets for 10 years and they were good as new. His Estate sheets are to die for. I normally don't like wrinkles in anything but I can live with them in sheets because they are so amazing. Great quality. The longer you have them the softer they become. I have probably 10 sets for our bed (can't pass them up when I see them). Got this addiction from my Mom!
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