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the importance of routine

School. Starts. Today.  And I am one happy MOM. As much as I've loved summer's more leisurely mornings and unscheduled evenings, my twin boys thrive on a routine ... and I do, too. Are you familiar with The Power of Full Engagement, a book by Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr?  It's a …

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my top two ways to get organized before school starts

The countdown is on!  Summer has flown by, and -- at least in my house -- it's three short weeks before the school year begins. I am soooo excited to be back in a routine, but totally not thrilled about that very early alarm clock.  In the mornings especially, every minute …

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Do you consider the "psychic cost" of owning things?  I do.  It weighs on me to have junk (and I do mean junk) that I'm not using.  I cannot stand overstuffed kitchen drawers and unworn clothes in the closet.  I feel lighter, freer, better to have those things gone, hopefully …

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mom spotting with alexa hampton

If you are a long-time blog reader, you may remember MOM Spotting, my interview series with only the most fabulous mothers of multiples ("MOMs" for short).  It's funny because -- although having multiples is relatively rare (with an overall population likelihood of about 3%) -- once you have twins, you see them …

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