March 2, 2014


Simplicity Equals JoyDo you consider the “psychic cost” of owning things?  I do.  It weighs on me to have junk (and I do mean junk) that I’m not using.  I cannot stand overstuffed kitchen drawers and unworn clothes in the closet.  I feel lighter, freer, better to have those things gone, hopefully to a home where they are appreciated and enjoyed.

I’ve lived this way for years — really, as long as I can remember — and it’s the very rare occasion that I’ve wished I hadn’t given something away.  The small cost of regret has been far outweighed by the time and energy I’ve gained by not needing to manage those extraneous things.   And you know what?   It doesn’t make me a minimalist.  For me, it’s a form of stewardship.

Remember this?  What’s your philosophy?

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