“word to the wise” wednesday — nancy braithwaite

Nancy Braithwaite Interior Photo by John Coolidge for Veranda

I like spaces to feel classic and comfortable.  We all eventually get tired of tricks.

– Nancy Braithwaite (Veranda, November-December 2013)

If these words resonate with you, be sure to preorder Simplicity, Nancy’s new book published by Rizzoli and scheduled to be released October 14, 2014.

Interior design by Nancy Braithwaite.  Photo by John Coolidge for Veranda.  

“word to the wise” wednesday — barbara barry

I design the room as a whole, with the end result in mind.  For me, this is the discipline of good, simple design.  … Have the end result in mind, stick to the plan, and don’t overdo it.  Simplicity is really the height of elegance, and style is all about confidence.  I don’t shop for “fabulous” things with a lot of personality.  A lot of decorators want “bang” in a room.  I want quiet.  I’m not one who cares at all about provenance or what’s fashionable.  I’m anti-fashionable.  … Anyway, if there’s too much fabulosity in a room, it’s in competition for the life that takes place there.

Barbara Barry (House Beautiful, December/January 2013)

I think this living room is fabulous … although the design is very quiet.  Most of the “interest,” if you will, is created by the artwork, the large indoor tree and the luxe fabrics.  The incredible light, views and architecture don’t hurt, either.

How do you define “fabulous?”

Interior design by Barbara Barry.  Photo via her website.  

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