“Life in the Fast Lane” Convention 2012 Committee — With Our Twelve Children!

In all my free time (please commence hysterical laughter), I am actively involved with my local parents of twins club, Charlotte Mothers of Multiples.  This year, I am beyond excited to have taken on the monumental task — thankfully with the assistance of a beyond amazing committee — of chairing the national convention for parents of twins.  The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs consists of parents of multiple birth children’s clubs across the country … with over 26,000 members collectively!

Our goal for the Charlotte convention — dubbed “Life in the Fast Lane,” both in honor of North Carolina’s racing heritage and as a description of life as a mom of multiple birth children — is for everyone who attends convention to leave better-prepared and happier in her many demanding roles … as a mom, wife, friend, volunteer, and professional.  After all, my mission as a designer is to show that polished, sophisticated interiors are possible — and enjoyable — with young children.  So let’s be our best selves in all aspects of our lives … even if the twins are running in two different directions!   Seriously, I think they agree to “divide and conquer” even before birth.

With that in mind, we are justthisclose to debuting a fantastic agenda for the July 22-28, 2012 convention.   I couldn’t be more excited about the experts that will be teaching our families.

Are you burned out … and you don’t even know why?  Whether it’s professional or personal, maybe you just know that something has to change.  Boy oh boy (pun intended), I’ve been there. Mary Elizabeth Murphy is a world-class coach who teaches the skills to earn more, achieve more, produce more and — most importantly — enjoy more.  The moms at our convention will benefit from Mary Elizabeth’s advice during her keynote speech and have the opportunity to interact more personally with Mary Elizabeth during a subsequent workshop.

Joan Friedman is a psychologist specializing in twins and parenting issues of twins — who just so happens to be an identical twin herself … and the mom of fraternal twin sons.  In one workshop, Dr. Friedman will educate our parents of young multiples on the fundamentals of raising emotionally healthy twins.  In a separate workshop led by Dr. Friedman, parents of older to adult-aged multiples will learn how to help their children successfully navigate the transition to adulthood … and support their twinship along the way.  Being a twin is a tricky relationship!

John Mascazine is a professor at Ohio Dominican University who specializes in the education of multiple birth children.  Just because children are twins doesn’t mean that they learn the same way — even if they are “identical” — and it definitely doesn’t mean that they should be in the same classroom.  What should a parent do when their children reach school-age?  It’s a tough decision with no right or wrong answer.   Dr. Mascazine will enlighten our parents on what they should — or should not — consider as their children enter and progress through school.  This practical information is something no parent, teacher or administrator should be without.

Can’t wait to learn from our experts in person?  Get a preview by ordering their books!   Reset Your Buttons by Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Emotionally Healthy Twins by Joan Friedman and Understanding Multiple-Birth Children and How They Learn by John Mascazine are all available on Amazon.com.

Need support now?  There are amazing online resources out there — and don’t those precious spare minutes seem to come at the most unusual times? I highly recommend Twiniversity, a free online support group, and the online magazine Multiplicity.  Multiplicity is truly a must-have resource for mothers of multiples.  I’m an “experienced” mom, and I was poring over every word of the debut issue!   Do these cover cuties look familiar?  Click over to read the magazine now; I promise you’ll be a happier mom for it.

Will I see you at convention?

Life in the Fast Lane logo designed by Carolina Consulting Company.  Convention committee photographed by FireWife Photography.  Exactly how did she get twelve children looking in the same direction???  Multiplicity banner designed by Talitha McGuinness, creative director.

Do you know a company or organization who would be interested in sponsoring Charlotte MOMs as we host?  Just email me at traci@tracizeller.com and I’ll get the info to the right place!

5 responses to “got twins, triplets or quads? help is here!”

  1. How exciting that Charlotte is hosting and that you are chairing this year! It does sound like a monumental task, and quite frankly, I have no idea how you do it!

    I have never been, but would love to go. Sounds like a great agenda.

  2. Look at you go, my friend! Sounds like a great event. Will having two dogs qualify for chaos that needs managing and support?

  3. Nancy says:

    You’re amazing, and I wish you all the best planning this mammoth event!

  4. pretty pink tulips says:

    Although my boys aren’t twins, I just had to let you know how proud (and awed) I am of you for taking this on. It’s a big job….but you’ll more than do it justice.

    And, I love the theme name, reflecting off the Charlotte raceway.

    Keep us posted…..I know you’ll be zooming around town a lot!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Holly says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you have such a great network of families to surround all of you for support. I’ve always thought that if I ever start decorating either on the side or full-time that I particularly would like to reach out to families and Mom’s to let them know that they can still have a functional pretty home and still make it work for their family on-the-go. Keep us posted on how the conference and your duties develop and thanks for sharing!