Neutral plus a pop of red works.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Just check out this kitchen!

Bar stools at a kitchen counter are such a great place to feed twins!  It’s just so easy to wipe the counters down and go.  Of course, the only problem is their height … and the potential to fall off.  These backless bar stools — the Tolix Marais from Design Within Reach — wouldn’t be a good choice for young twins, but once you aren’t worried about falls, they’d be amazing.  Wipe them down and go!   Can you sense a theme here?  

If you’d like to feed your young twins at a kitchen bar, I’d recommend bar stools with a back paired with a portable high chair/booster seat.  Look for feeding trays that fit in the dishwasher.  In my book, if it’s meant for kids and it’s not dishwasher-safe or washing machine-friendly, that’s a design flaw.  Oh, and make sure your children aren’t strong enough to kick over the bar stool!

Do you have bar stools in your kitchen?  If not, do you want them?

Twins photo by Firewife Photography. 

3 responses to “tuesday twinsday … with a pop of red”

  1. Kara Cozier says:

    My twins eat 2 of 3 meals if not all THREE meals at the island on bar stools! We can seat 6 at our island so we usually all eat there. Fancy dining rooms are a thing of the past for us!

  2. Liz Carroll says:

    So, so happy you bought the shirt!!! Love it!!