Look at these precious twin sisters!   Their smiles are infectious, and you can tell that their home is filled with love and laughter.  The pink, coral and lavender of those sweet dresses is almost a perfect complement to the artwork that Washington, D.C. designer Basha White used in this showhouse dining room.  Of course, the lovely lavender walls, flowers and glassware doesn’t hurt, either!

Do you use “real” dishes with your children or are they relegated to plasticware?  When twins are first introduced to solid foods, naturally it only makes sense to use dishes that are not easily chipped or broken.  After all, throwing the bowl on the floor is such a fascinating game, right?   And twins can toss more things than you have hands, trust me.  

But once you pass that treacherous age (which is different with each child), I prefer to use stoneware.  Why?  It simply makes dinner more of an event rather than a simple source of sustenance.  Food is pleasure, and I like to enjoy beauty everyday!  Oh, and think outside the box in terms of what particular dishes are used for.  Salad plates are plenty large enough for young children, and a ramekin makes a fantastic bowl.  Yes, I have a few chipped dishes … but I’ve enjoyed each meal so much more than I would have otherwise.

Oh, and those beautiful girls have an equally gorgeous older sister … who just so happens to be the spitting image of her mother.  What sweethearts!!   I bet there’s a lot of pink happening in that house, and I would love every minute of it.

What type of dishes are your favorite?

Girls’ photos by Blythe Spirit Photography.  Photo of Juliska stoneware via Napa Valley Vintage Home

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