My twin boys are starting kindergarten in a few short weeks … and I’ve got some angst about it.  Considering that I was the mom who cried when they didn’t get into preschool initially (at about 1 1/2 years old), I’m a little surprised at myself.

I think I’ve mentioned that they are going to a language immersion school in the French program.  100% French, all day, every day — starting at Day 1.

So when I saw this, I laughed.  I think it’s funny.  Do you think it’s funny?   I am not sure I’ll wear it out of the house, but I’m pretty sure I have to have it.   And I’ll try to focus on the positives of them going to school — you know, that I may not trip over Legos quite as much as I currently do.  You try to teach your children to clean up, but those things are sneaky!

Oh, and I’m also suffering over the school’s uniform policy: navy, white and khaki.  That is it.  Can you say bored out of my skull … and school hasn’t even started??  I was so proud of Twin B when we were ordering uniforms, and — without prompting — he asked why they had to be solids and he couldn’t even wear plaids or stripes.  It’s the little things, people.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve bought … to wear?

Photo via Kate Spade.  

7 responses to “kindergarten angst”

  1. Tawna Allred says:

    How awesome about the French! That was my minor (although I still refuse to speak it because I sound like an idiot, and I’ve lost so much already) in college and I just love it. Hence my business name :). My youngest is starting pre-school and I’m wondering what in the world it’s like to have two hours, two times a week without any noise. I think I’ll like it but I’m also panicking more than I ever thought I would! I think I like the craziness around me. They grow so fast!

    I would definitely get the shirt :). Good luck in your transition!

  2. Kim Hoegger says:

    Haha, I love this post Traci! And you definitely must have this shirt! So cool too that your boys will be learning French. What an awesome opportunity. Great post.

  3. Sarah says:

    Wear it to orientation:) You have seen my hot pink toe shoes. Enough said.

  4. Holly says:

    I loved my uniform – all 12 years of it. They were pretty hidious but I always loved how people made it their own (the girls really). The skirts were forest green in the fall/spring and then an ugly grey plaid in the winter (with a white Oxford button-down). The girls would wear funky tights (had to be white or green or grey) and fun shoes. Maybe they can get some cool shoes? :)

  5. Ashley says:

    I agree with Holly: ACCESSORIZE those boys!!

    Also…it’s a yes on the shirt. I’m imagining it with great shoes, skinny jeans, and a fab scarf. Too cool.

    The silliest clothes I ever bought…ugly shoes! In high school I had a thing ( a BIG thing) for every ugly man shoe you can imagine. Maybe that’s less silly/fun and more silly/regrettable. Hehe.

    Good luck! And look at it this way: they’ll be giving YOU an immersion course in French, too!

  6. We’re entering Pre-K and Kindergarten…I might be in denial. I’m also in the blah blah blalh colors for uniforms–but no school clothes shopping this time.

    I can’t imagine all French for my boys. I’m just hoping my son can get his belt back on by himself! The shirt is perfect. You must wear that.

    Have a great start to the year! Julie at Simply Savvy

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