tzd trend alert: tassels

Happy Monday-after-a-long-holiday-weekend!  It’s Brooke here, and I am so grateful for the incredibly warm response to Traci’s introduction.  What a whirlwind of a year adjusting to my new role as Design Coordinator here at TZD!  In my former career as a buyer in the fashion world, I traveled the globe to source the best merchandise for luxury retailers like Saks and Bloomingdale’s.  Motherhood seriously curbed my global shopping sprees, however, and I fell in love with the home furnishings industry while helping my husband launch his own business.  I am now fully ingrained in the world of home furnishings and interior design, but I continue to meander in all things fashion.  A girl can have more than one passion, right?

My favorite inner dialogue is a game I like to play called dress or decor.  It’s where I compare trends in the fashion world with trends in interior design and decide how I should invest.  Will you play along?  First up, TASSELS!  Check out some of my fashion favorites.

Tassel Trend in Fashion

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.

I love that tassels are having a moment in the fashion world.  There is something about tassels that create a fun, flirty and carefree style.  They just make me smile.  Plus, you can find tassels in every type of accessory and at every price point.

Let’s talk tassels in interior design.  How about “not going to translate” or “too much like the over-the-top eighties?”  I beg to differ, my dear fashionistas.  Tassels are swishing their way into decor as well, and I am loving all of the iterations.  Take a peek at these gorgeous pieces.

Tassel Trend in Interior Design1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.

Oh, and don’t forget your mini-me’s!  Here’s a sneak peek of one lucky little girl’s bedroom designed by TZD.  The multi-colored tassels we added to her dresser highlight the vibrant colors of Lucy Williams‘ original art.  You’ll have to wait for the full room reveal … but I promise there are more tassels!

Traci Zeller Designs Girl's Bedroom Dresser with TasselsNeed a holiday gift idea?  Any little girl would love one of these adorable handmade necklaces from the “Little Bit” collection by Hands High Design.  So precious, right?!!  Oh, and the “grown-up” necklaces — all of which are made locally — are just as fantastic.

Hands High Designs Little Bit CollectionDo you love tassels as much as I do?  I vote dress and decor!


Isn’t Brooke great?  I am In. Love. with the beautiful necklaces by Hands High Designs, which you can find at Cotswold Marketplace here in Charlotte.  Oh, and here’s a hint.  Big hint.  Stay tuned to my Instagram for an upcoming giveaway!


team tzd: meet brooke

How on earth is 2015 already drawing to a close?!  We are busy bees over here at Traci Zeller Designs, wrapping up our holiday projects and cleaning our proverbial house so that 2016 gets off to a roaring start.  Yay!  We have soooo much to share in the new year, including a brand-new website — designed by the talented With Grace and Gold duo — and lots of projects you haven’t seen yet.

Best Is Yet to ComeBecause this year has been so action-packed, much of our sharing has happened on Instagram and Facebook — but I still love blogging.  It’s so rewarding to connect with you week after week … which I’ve done for almost seven years.  Have mercy!  Talk about time flying by.  I miss blogging more often, and I’ve been brainstorming ideas for fresh content that you’ll find invigorating and inspiring.  So many blogs have outside contributors, and — although I’ve had guest posts here and then — I’ve never had “regularly scheduled” posts from anyone other than me.  I’m a “designer who blogs,” not a “blogger who designs,” and I’ve been reluctant to give up this outlet — my voice — to anyone else.

And don’t worry — I’m not giving it up!!   I believe in paying it forward and sharing what I’ve learned, both as a designer and a mom.  And if I’ve learned it the hard way?  You know I’m not afraid to be candid!   Hello, remember my post on the L-word?  Moms of preschool-aged and older kiddos know that means “lice,” not “love.”  We’re keeping it real, sister.  

Brooke HeadshotBut I now have an amazing team — versus my solopreneur-self seven years ago — and it’s high time that you hear from them, too.  So meet Brooke!  Brooke is our design coordinator at TZD, which means she has her hands on just about everything.  She has worked with me for over a year and, if you’ve stopped into the studio and reached out to us via email, you’ve already realized how fantastic she is.  Brooke has worked in the home furnishings industry since 2007, but her background is originally in fashion.  She’s worked as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s, Talbots and — I may be most envious of this one — in the fur department at Saks.  I’m really excited that Brooke is going to bring her fashion-forward perspective to the blog, so look forward to hearing more from her very soon.

Traci and Brooke at Mint SymposiumBrooke’s often my partner-in-crime at events around town, so if you see us, please say hi!  (I’m the dark-haired Oompa Loompa.)  Brooke is also a mom to two precious children, aged eight and four, so she certainly understand the challenges of creating a home that is both stylish and comfortable.  She is “in process” with several projects in her own home now, so you may get to see those, too.  Fun, fun!

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