October 3, 2012

“word to the wise” wednesday: skip sroka

[B]asically, I just think there are a lot of practical things we use in our lives that we need to hide.  That’s what I’ve done here.

Skip Sroka (Traditional Home, October 2011)

Hidden storage = what a twin mom daydreams about.  Did you know that toys multiply if left out overnight?  Seriously, I think it’s true.  Or at least Legos.  The sideboard in my living room hides toys, DVDs and Leapsters.  Throw it in the drawers in the evenings, and we’re done!

What practical things do you hide?

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  • Donna @ A Designer’s Perspective
    Oct. 03, 2012
    Great storage unit, love the details. Love that it's a bar!!! Donna Vining

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