May 30, 2012

“word to the wise” wednesday: oscar de la renta

I have a singular point of view, whether creating decor items or apparel.  Everything’s connected.  There should be no difference in taste levels between the clothes you wear and the things you live with.

— Oscar de la Renta (as quoted in Architectural Digest, May 2012)

I couldn’t agree more … and, as an interior designer, I think it is vital that I present myself in a stylish, attractive way.  But please don’t hold the occasional grocery-store-in-yoga-pants run against me!   OK, maybe it is slightly more than occasional.  Technicalities.  


  • Heather Blue Harkovich
    May. 30, 2012
    That quote totally struck me, too. It has given me a new point of reference to share with clients who dress nicely but don't appreciate spending more on home furnishings. Thanks for sharing. It was a great article!
  • Lisa Mende
    May. 30, 2012
    I totally agree! Well said! Now, go buy those darling shoes you have been coveting!!!
  • Donna @ A Designer’s Perspective
    May. 30, 2012
    Well said! Couldn't agree more! Love that photo!
  • pretty pink tulips
    May. 30, 2012
    I agree too!! And if I can excuse my Lululemon wearing days on a technicality....that's exactly what I'm going to do!! :) xo Elizabeth
  • Holly
    May. 30, 2012
    I completely agree as well and completely admit to needing to update my wardrobe a bit. Maybe I'll do that this weekend! My weekend wear especially needs updating - cute, comfortable dresses, skirts, shorts, shoes to go to lunch, go to the park, etc.

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