March 5, 2014

“word to the wise” wednesday: nina farmer

While working on my branding, I coined this as my Big Idea:  Families with gorgeous, highly functional homes and children who grow up around and are taught to respect beautiful things enjoy happier lives.  What a joy it was to find a kindred spirit in Nina Farmer!   I am crazy about her aesthetic, but I’m even more crazy about her philosophy on children and design.

People get stuck in this old idea that when there are kids in the house, they have to hide the upholstery they really love under slipcovers.  Instead, I’d rather stain-treat everything — it’s a lifesaver — and live with the idea of some wear and tear.  When children are surrounded by beautiful things, I believe they will rise to the occasion.

Nina Farmer (House Beautiful, March 2014).

Do you agree?

Pick up the latest issue of House Beautiful to see Nina’s gorgeous home!

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  • Holly
    Mar. 05, 2014
    I really enjoyed Nina's feature in this month's HB. I had to click over to her website to see more. Sheila knows that the love seat is "Mommy's couch" and that she can't have food or drinks or art supplies on it, but other than that it is hers to lounge on just like the adults do - so yes agree with all of this!

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