June 17, 2010

“word to the wise” wednesday: nate berkus

Oui, I realize it is Thursday.  I have not mastered the skill of scheduling a post.

Loving where you live is really about changing the way you think. It’s really about creating a sanctuary and you’re making the decision that you and your home, family and friends are important enough. That’s what decorations should mean. It’s not about buying what you can’t afford and impressing your neighbors. It’s about having a space at the end of the day and you think to yourself I deserve this, I worked hard and now I can relax because it’s me.

—  Nate Berkus (quoted here)


  • The Zhush
    Jun. 17, 2010
    Word to the wise indeed! Love this quote...live this quote!
  • Diana
    Jun. 19, 2010
    Ohhh I love that...So true:) Beautiful sweetie and see you soon:) Muah

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