April 21, 2010

“word to the wise” wednesday: kathleen hay (again)

Classic proportion and restrained color palettes are the two factors that most inform a lasting design. Symmetry and scale, when used in proper balance, will always be the key to longevity in design.

Kathleen Hay (as quoted by Decorati, March 2010)


  • Karena
    Apr. 21, 2010
    Traci, I love your style and your design site. Wonderful work!! Karena Art by Karena
  • Diana
    Apr. 22, 2010
    The last picture represents my dream kitchen. I am a fan of open plan living and high ceilings...It is just stunning :) I could cook up a storm in that kitchen! Kisses
  • Classic with a twist
    Apr. 22, 2010
    I love everything about these three pictures... especially the second one. Nice touch with the x back on the chair in the family room which repeats the geometric in the foyer... ahhhh.
  • Caroline
    Apr. 22, 2010
    Beautiful pictures Traci!

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