March 3, 2010

“word to the wise” wednesday: eva quateman

One room should flow into the next unobtrusively.  The design should sing the same song as it progresses along from space to space.

Eva Quateman (as quoted by Ann Maine, Editor in Chief, in Traditional Home, October 2009)


  • Classic with a twist
    Mar. 03, 2010
    Hi Traci! My first post as a blogger is to you:) While browsing great sites, I found yours and thought we had a lot in common... my name is Traci, married to Mike, lived in Charlotte, member of IDS (President of DFW chapter), owner of interior design business and mom of three! Your style inspires your taste all around. Take a peek at my first day- any input is awesome! Traci
  • Shannon
    Mar. 04, 2010
    THANK YOU for the tickets! They arrived today:) you're the best!!!

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