April 24, 2013

“word to the wise” wednesday: carmen lopez

This house has been many things.  But this home has always wrapped around me.  It hugs me every time I walk in the door.

— Carmen Lopez (Traditional Home, April 2013)

That is how I feel about my house, too!  Of course, I also have two precious boys who give me flying hugs as I walk in the door … so I get to enjoy that feeling literally and figuratively.

Is that how you feel about your house?  If not, why?


  • pve
    Apr. 24, 2013
    My house hugs me too and very often knocks me off my feet, especially when I am greeted by my dog. I love coming home to life. pve
  • designchic
    Apr. 24, 2013
    I totally agree...love walking in my door...gorgeous vignette!!
  • Deb
    Apr. 24, 2013
    Nothing gives me more peace than walking through that front door even after a wonderful vacation or a day at work, it is always good to get home. That tortoiseshell box collection is gorgeous.
  • Trim Queen
    Apr. 24, 2013
    Our home is the essence of how we are as a family, city/country, relaxed with provenance. The palette is joyful and decor infused with meaningful decor, inherited treasures, repurposed objects, gifts from friends and many many photographs and personal art. As I travel back from HP to NY, when I get home to the joyful chaos of kids, pets and exhausted hubby, I thank heavens for my perfectly imperfect oasis.
  • StagerLinda
    Apr. 24, 2013
    I'm with Dorothy, "there is no place like home." It contains all of my favorite things, people and pets.
  • Linda
    Apr. 25, 2013
    Comforting but..... I have to stop myself and really appreciate how much we have accomplished and gathered. Unfortunately, I am usually looking at the next project or what I would do differently the next time around. :-}
  • Bayberry Cottage Interior Designers
    Apr. 29, 2013
    I love to be home after a hectic day, the warmth and love that greets you when you enter your home has no words.

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