August 27, 2014

“word to the wise” wednesday: annie selke

Annie Selke Dash and Albert Leopard Hooked Rug

Every day has enough challenges, so it’s worth it to splurge on the items I use most — knives, dish towels, soap, plates, hangers.  I try to find things that do what they are intended to do and do it well, thus making life run more smoothly.

Annie Selke (as quoted in Better Homes and Gardens, September 2014)

Image via Dash & Albert (an Annie Selke company), featuring the new Leopard Wool Micro Hooked Rug.  


  • Amanda
    Aug. 28, 2014
    Yes! I always say invest in the little things. Good linens, quality coffee, expensive hair products - it's truly the little things that make life grand.
  • Design Chic
    Sep. 05, 2014
    What great advice. I try to splurge on daily use items too…just makes my day happier…Hope you are doing well, Traci!

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