September 7, 2014

sundays with joy: participate in the sorrows

Participate Joyfully in Sorrows Joseph CampbellI’m not sure I fully grasp this concept.  There are so many problems — so many issues — that are so much bigger than we are … and how on earth are we supposed to “participate joyfully” in those?  For the moment, I’ve chosen to define my participation as doing what I can, when I can, to alleviate those sorrows.

Lisa Mende Traci Zeller Ronald McDonald Business Office Rendering FINALRonald McDonald Houses around the world keep families together to help kids heal and cope better.  If you’d like to support Lisa Mende’s and my work at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, please consider a donation toward RMD-LI’s valuable work.  You could also win some fantastic prizes!


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