May 22, 2013

“word to the wise” wednesday: alex + andrea

Doors are an announcement.  Why squander the opportunity?

Alex Hitz (House Beautiful, November 2012)

Have you signed up for Maria Killam‘s “Choose a Color for Your Front Door” webinar?  It’s bound to be fabulous … and it’s free. Cha-ching!  Andrea Brooks‘ front door is one of my favorites.   How can you not love a crisp traditional house with a fresh and vibrant turquoise door??  My front door is getting painted in the next few weeks — hallelujah — and I cannot wait.

Do you want to know why?  Because my adorable but more than slightly obnoxious little Maltese looooooooves to jump up on the door as she barks at the mailman … UPS truck … lawn mower … pretty much anyone who dares walk past the front of our house.   Teeny (dirty) paws + white door = an oft-used (or not-oft-enough-used) Magic Eraser.  Read about my other “quick clean” faves here.  Will I still need to wipe down the door?  Absolutely.   Will the paw prints be as obvious when my door isn’t white?  Not a chance.

After all, there just might be more pressing priorities … perhaps like a stomach bug making its way through my twins and an exploded washing machine.  Not a good combo, in case you were wondering.  Today’s behind-the-scenes?  Definitively not glamorous.  Do you want to read about that?  I didn’t think so.  That’s why people post their highlight reels  

Remember “you know mommy’s a designer when …?”   Well, here’s another one.  There was a period of time where it seemed like our next-door neighbors — who are great friends — were painting their front door every other minute.   It was red, then blue-ish green, then gray.  When the door was painted the final time, my sweet hubby snapped a photo to share.   Twin B asked, “Daddy, why are you taking a picture?”   Twin A indignantly replied, “Because the door isn’t green any more, you blue-eyed poopy doop!”   That’s brotherly love for you right there, peeps.

Design by Andrea Brooks Interiors.  Graphic via All Our Days.  


  • Maria Killam
    May. 22, 2013
    OMG I love that quote!! Thanks for mentioning my webinar sweet friend. x Maria
  • Andrea Brooks
    May. 22, 2013
    Thanks for having my highlight reel of a front door on your blog Traci! You definitely don't want to see behind the scenes today. Summer is here!!! XOXO Andrea
  • Kathleen DiPaolo
    May. 22, 2013
    Love Andrea's front door! I haven't seen the webinar but will in lieu of a Law & Order re-run tonight:-). Great post and love your doggy!! Xo
  • Jade
    May. 22, 2013
    I absolutely love that quote! It is right on for today's social media-centric world!! Good luck with the front door (and stomach bug)!
  • Lisa Mende Design
    May. 22, 2013
    Sorry your little guys have been sick! And I thought Coco only barked at me! LOL!
  • Meredith
    May. 22, 2013
    Just got my second son home from NC and school for the summer, older son stopped by for them both to head off somewhere and, for a moment, we were all hanging around the kitchen island catching up and listening to them do the grown up equivalent of "brotherly love" and yanking each other's chain- Smile of total contentment on mom's face....and that's mothers and sons, peeps!! Here's to the highlight reel!! here in New England most neighbors seem to be on the black or burgundy bandwagon for their front door, but do have one daring house with a gorgeous ochre yellow that I love. Andrea's turquoise is beautiful and fresh and looking forward to seeing your door transformed! Cheers, Meredith
  • pve
    May. 23, 2013
    thinking of painting my doors a deep slate. pve
  • Fashion-isha
    May. 26, 2013
    I agree 100% I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend! xo Sharon
  • Loretta Fontaine
    May. 27, 2013
    Traci- Hope your twins are feeling better, soon! That quote is fantastic. And so true! I still have Halloween stickers on my front door. For over a year. I though of sending in a picture for Maria's webinar to shame me into the five minutes it would take to scrape them off- but... never did and never scraped! Loretta</b.
  • Jen@Sunsets&SwimmingPools
    May. 30, 2013
    Love this quote too!!! I love a good "pop of sumthin'" front door. We need to do ours bad! Problem is I'm sure the color choice is super limited and equally as boring in our HOA world. Blah.

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