February 7, 2012

why you should color-code your twins’ decor

Almost every mom I know “color-codes” her twins … because it makes life so much easier!  I chose green for Henry and blue for Charlie.  For example, I put personalized BumpyName Orbit Labels around their bottles so that I knew at a glance which bottle had Henry’s formula (Enfamil AR … for the worst reflux ever) and which had Charlie’s formula (Isomil … for gas).  Yep, good times.

Even though my boys are fraternal, they looked enough alike as infants that having Henry in green and Charlie in blue — even if it was just a bib — was a quick way for friends and acquaintances to tell them apart.    Another mom I know has triplet girls in three different sizes — and color-coded hangers let each girl quickly identify her clothes.   Brilliant, right?   You’d think so if one of your twinks tried to leave the house in high-water pants.  Or, say, Daddy put one child in clothes way too big and the other in clothes way too small.  Go ahead and laugh.  You know it happens!

The funny thing is that — before you know it — each twin’s “assigned” color becomes his “favorite” color.  You don’t even have to push it.  Then it gets even better because they don’t fight over sippy cups or blankets … or (before you know it) bicycles or toothbrushes.  If it’s blue, it must belong to Charlie, and if it’s green, I guess that one is Henry’s!

Color-coding can be even more useful for identical twins — because occasionally even Mommy and Daddy can’t tell identical twins apart in photos … not to mention all of those confused teachers and babysitters!   Recently, I used color-coding to give each identical twin boy “his own” things in a shared room.

So I had to chuckle when an email blast for smart center South Charlotte showed up in my hubby’s in-box.  I mean, do you think this would be taking it a little bit too far?

smart Passion Cabriolet for Charlie

smart Passion Coupe for Henry

And hey, while I’m at it … my nephew is only six weeks younger — and they were constantly mistaken for triplets.

smart Pure Coupe for Brady

I mean, it’s a little much … but you have to admit it’s funny!   OK, more than a little much.  A lot much.  But don’t put it past me.


  • Marianne Simon
    Feb. 07, 2012
    Too cute! Yes, I do think they will need coordinating cars when they get older! Where is the time going... we need to catch up!!! Call me if you come up for air anytime soon. Would love to chat!
  • Holly
    Feb. 07, 2012
    Mom's of multiples must be the most organized people ever - you are in a system from day 1 really, right? The color coding is a great idea. Your boys are so cute! I can't wait until Sheila starts voicing her opinions on her favorite colors. For now, I'm enjoying dressing her and making those decisions ;)
  • Melissa
    Feb. 07, 2012
    This is so very true. My one twin in Pink usually and the other is purple. They have even gotten to the point (at 16months) they know who has which color...CRAZY. I love being a Momma of twins.
  • Lisa Mende
    Feb. 07, 2012
    I'm sure it gets confusing trying to keep everyone's things where they need to be. I color coded the towels with my children, so I would know whose was left on the floor!!! Rebekah's was pink (of course) Walker's was blue, Hiller's was yellow and Thomas's was green. it is amazing how it forces them to clean up after their bath or hand washing...
  • The Vintique Object
    Feb. 07, 2012
    I wish we had done this more with my girls because you are exactly right -- we have trouble telling them apart in photos three years later. You are right about their colors becoming favorites -- the colors of my girls' lovies are now their favorites and they are very adamant about having either purple or green. Camille
  • Lauren@BaylorSays…
    Feb. 08, 2012
    Oh how hilarious! That is all so very smart...and triplets? My word.

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