June 5, 2014

tzi before and after: poppy pink and navy girl’s bedroom

I look like a one-eyed monster now, y’all.  I had eye surgery last week, and — let me just tell you — there’s a reason that this surgery is usually done when children are young.  As the pediatric (!!) ophthalmologist reminded me, after 30+ years of blah-blah-blah, it’s no surprise that my eye is red and quite irritated.  Anyhoo, I’m taking this as an even-better excuse to further my inappropriate use of sunglasses indoors.  I’m also trying to stay off the computer and phone — waaaayyyyy easier said than done — so I hope you’ll forgive my sparse posting.

Traci Zeller Designs Girl Bedroom Pink NavyAnd that’s also why I’m going to leave you with this darling bedroom that I completed last year (through my innovative Double Day Design service) for an extraordinarily precious toddler girl.  She got promoted to a “big girl” room … with “big girl” design to boot.  She’s the only girl — with three brothers! — so we embraced the pink.  And the gorgeous navy keeps everything from being saccharine sweet.

Traci Zeller Designs Coral Navy Bedroom GirlYou’ll have to use your imagination for the “before,” because — in a major designer fail — I neglected to take any photos.  Just imagine a “very-cute-but-nothing-like-this” nursery.  I’m thrilled with how this room turned out … and especially how this room will grow with that adorable girl for many years to come!  

Interior design by Traci Zeller.  Photos by Dustin Peck Photography.  


  • Lisa Mende
    Jun. 06, 2014
    Love this room! You rocked it as usual!!!
  • Maria Killam
    Jun. 07, 2014
    Stunning Traci, I love each and every detail :) x Maria

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