April 26, 2012

on mommy duty

I’m back from High Point — what fun! — but, in lieu of writing a market update, I’m officially on Mommy Duty.  See, these little buddies …

have “officially” (that’s their word, not mine) turned six.  Six years old.  How did that happen?  I’m not really sure.  One of the wisest bits of parenting advice that I’ve ever heard is that “the days drag on, but the years fly by.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  You see that sweet, serene photo?  Perception …

… versus reality.  That’s what most of the photo shoot consisted of.  There were some tough moments with eensy little newbie twins.

Yet now they are six.  Wow.  And they’ll barely sit still longer enough to snap a photo, even on Easter.  My hands are full, but my heart is fuller.  Happy birthday to my sweet twin boys!


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  • Emily A. Clark
    Apr. 26, 2012
    Those newborn pics are precious! Makes me so anxious for our big day :) And, I didn't realize how much they look like you now. Happy birthday to your sweet boys!
  • Holly
    Apr. 26, 2012
    Happy birthday to your sweet boys!! Oh man, 6 years. I'm having a hard time thinking about 2 coming up in August - can't even imagine once we get to 6. Enjoy your time back home with your family. Giving you a shout out tomorrow for my new book - thanks again! And did your website get a new look? It looks great!
  • Maria Killam
    Apr. 26, 2012
    So beautiful! Happy Birthday to your angels!! xo maria
  • diane
    Apr. 27, 2012
    Hang on Traci! Before you know it they will be 16 and driving! While I look forward to your Highpoint comments we can all wait while you take care of something much more important...have fun!
  • The Vintique Object
    Apr. 27, 2012
    Awww! Happy birthday to your sweet boys. Love seeing these newborn pics! Camille
  • pretty pink tulips
    Apr. 27, 2012
    Traci, Happy Birthday to your darling boys!!! They days can be really hard, but I agree that the years fly by. Enjoy celebrating 6 sweet years! xoxo Elizabeth
  • Sarah
    Apr. 27, 2012
    Happy birthday to h and c!!!
  • Bradely Clifford
    Apr. 28, 2012
    Pleasure meeting you in High Point and enjoyed "liking" and re-pinning things I liked you saw at High Point Market. Hope you enjoyed being a StyleSpotter! Till we meet again. Best to you!! xo Brad
  • Marianne
    Apr. 30, 2012
    Cannot believe those darling boys are now 6 years old. Their newborn photo is just the cutest! Hope you had a great weekend celebrating with family. xo
  • my top five tips for an easy twin celebration
    Apr. 30, 2012
    [...] while we are on the subject of mommy duty, let’s remember that Mother’s Day is just around the corner … along with weddings [...]

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